Announcing App Promotion Summit Berlin

James Cooper | October 10, 2013

App Marketing

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We’re delighted to announce that we’re running another App Promotion Summit on November 28th in Berlin, in partnership again with the team at All Amber.  The London event was a huge success and we’re going to be bringing the same high quality to Berlin’s startup hub but going deeper and more sophisticated into the various topics.

Learn from App Marketing Experts 

The agenda for App Promotion Summit Berlin will cover all the major aspects of app and mobile marketing, delivered by some of the world’s leading experts. As well as insider tips from the major app marketing platforms, ad networks and services some of the most successful mobile app and game developers and publishers will be sharing their own recipes for success.


Taking App Marketing to the Next Level

Agenda items to be covered will include:
  • ASO – the latest appstore optimization techniques and approaches for iOS and Google Play
  • Alternative appstores – finding downloads and users outside the main stores
  • Lessons Learned – learn how no.1 apps and games achieved top rankings
  • Going international – how to take your app to global markets
  • User acquisition – how to acquire users via mobile ads, exchanges and cross promotion
  • ROI – how to get value for money for your marketing spend and optimize to Lifetime Value
  • Social – using facebook, twitter and other social services to drive installs
  • Retargeting & Engagement – how to keep users coming back to your app or game

Summary Report from the London Event

You can grab a free summary report from the London event here from our mobile marketing guides section or via scribd below:

Get Involved

Get in touch if you’re interested in speaking, sponsoring or attending the event and keep an eye on this blog for more information.  You can sign up to the @apppromotion twitter feed to stay in the loop and there’s a dedicated mailing list over on the website:
You can also get a 20% discount off the ticket price when you register using the code 1APSMA and we also have special deals available for startups and individual developers

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