Among Us accounts for 94% of player spending in Imposter-themed mobile games

Anne Freer | September 7, 2021

App Business

Imposter-theme mobile games saw a 26x rise in player spending during H1 2021 in the US.

According to new data from SensorTower, the Imposter theme grew fastest of all with player spending rising 26x to $8.4 million.

Revenues for the theme were led by Among Us, accounting for 94% of player spending, followed by Suspects: Mystery Mansion and Wildlife Studios.

Fashion, aesthetic and hair were the second fastest-growing category with spending rising by around 441% to $169.5 million.

Revenues in animal and insect games jumped a whopping 439% yo $5.8 million.

When it comes to game setting Sci-Fi was the fastest-growing game with revenues rising 36% to $1.2 billion led by State of Survival and FunPlus.

Historical settings saw player spending rise by 29% followed by high fantasy at 26%.

Modern settings and cartoon/fantasy backdrops all attracted considerable revenue growth.

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