Amazon adds mobile programmatic ads for Twitch streaming platform

Amazon announced that it has added programmatic advertising to its live-streaming platform Twitch which boasts some 17.5 million viewers daily.

Via Amazon Advertising, marketers can now buy video and display ads on Twitch alongside Twitch audiences.

All of these are being included in Amazon Advertising campaigns.

For marketers this means that they can target Twitch viewers based on their interests via contextual campaigns.

These are measured using Amazon’s Advertising platform.

Previously, advertisers had to purchase Twitch ads manually.

By rolling out programmatic capabilities, purchasing ad inventory and reaching target audiences is made that much simpler.

It follows significant growth of Amazon’s advertising business. Ad sales rose 41% to $4.22 billion during the second quarter of the year.

According to estimates, Twitch’s audience is set to reach 16% of US digital viewers in 2020. O Overall, viewers are predicted to increase 14% to 37 million.

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