Alibaba wants to collaborate with millions of influencers

Anne Freer | May 29, 2020


Alibaba Group, the Chinese company which has long utilised live streams to entice customers to shop for products from its vendors, has announced plans to collaborate with more than one million influencers and content creators.

Starting with 100,000 creators across platforms from TikTok to Instagram, online marketplace AliExpress is looking to collaborate as part of its newly launched AliExpress Connect platform.

AliExpress Connect provides a matchmaking service to pair social media influencers with brands for campaigns.

For starters, AliExpress is focusing on markets in Europe.

“For both Taobao and AliExpress, social content is a way to diversify offerings, but not to generate revenue,” said Yuan Yuan, head of operations for AliExpress,. “The goal is to accumulate users, keep them there and encourage them to remain active.”

Alibaba has long been trying to push beyond its Chinese boundaries and because of coronavirus lockdowns social media may have just seen the boom the company was waiting for.

At the same time, the company has seen larger brands like Samsung and Oral-B sign up.

Influencers who sign up to Connect can use their social accounts and social apps to do so. Once signed up, they can take on assignments from AliExpress sellers and brands to help promote goods and services.

Fees will be based on sales commissions.

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