AerServ partners with The Media Trust to take a stance against mobile malvertising

Anne Freer | July 21, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Mobile video mediation platform, AerServ, has just announced a partnership with The Media Trust, which monitors and protects online and mobile ecosystems. The two companies have been working together to ensure that AerServ clients benefit from an advertising environment that auto-detects, alerts and removes malicious creatives.
AerServ partners with The Media Trust
Having taken a firm stance against malvertising, AerServ is tapping into The Media Trust’s SaaS-based Media Scanner service that provides continuous, 24/7 protection against malware embedded in mobile ad tags. AerServ proactively searches for creatives that could potentially pose a threat to the user experience.
Josh Speyer, CEO of AerServ, says:
josh speyer

“We’re thrilled to partner with The Media Trust to ensure mobile ads are malware free. Their approach to detecting malicious ad tags and then alerting publishers in real time is backed by 10 years of proven experience in malware detection, so together, we’re destined to succeed. In fact, The Media Trust’s scanning service has already identified multiple instances of malicious creative that our team immediately eliminated from the system.”

Ad blocking has become a major topic for advertisers and one of the core issues in mobile is auto-redirecting creative and malware. AerServ explains that a mobile redirect is a little piece of code that is being embedded into an ad tag or recommended third-party content. If the infected ad or content appears on screen, the user is abruptly redirected to an unwanted app store, a website or content.
The Media Trust’s Media Scanner detects suspicious and malicious mobile redirects and notifies AerServ instantly of such activity which then allows AerServ to remove or block the bad creative.
Chris Olson, founder and CEO, The Media Trust, adds:
chris olson

“Malvertising continues to be a huge problem in the mobile advertising ecosystem, as hackers target video and mobile with greater and greater frequency. Through this partnership, major mobile publishers can keep their consumers, their site and, most importantly, their brand safe from malicious mobile ads on a continuous basis.”

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