Adverty partners with Livewire to bring in-game ads to APAC

Anne Freer | December 2, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Adverty, the in-game platform for advertisers and game developers, announced a partnership with Livewire, the gametech group to expand into key markets worldwide.

The collaboration means that Adverty’s in-game ad inventory will soon be available locally in the APAC region.

“We are on a mission to ensure that every brand and every agency in every corner of the world can access our market-leading in-game ad inventory,” said Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty. “With gaming now ingrained in modern day culture, across geographies and demographics, this presents a greenfield for creative innovation. We want to connect the right brands and services to the right game, at the right time and place.”

Livewire will have exclusive rights to sell Adverty’s inventory in Australia, Vietnam and Japan.

One of Adverty’s main strengths is the relative ease with which it enables ad buyers to access the latest in in-game ad inventory.

Livewire, on the other hand, has many clients across many categories from entertainment, to retail, sports and food and finance.

“We are delighted to partner with Adverty to widen access to this powerful inventory type. We share a joint mission in that we’re passionate about pioneering gametech and seek to enable brands to engage global and regional gaming audiences,” said Indy Khabra, co-founder and CEO at Livewire. “Together, we are helping companies, both large and small, to navigate opportunities within the gaming ecosystem.

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