MyAppFree features Advertorial Native Placements in Sony Apps

Partner Post - MYAPPFREE High Quality Mobile Traffic & Exclusive Placements on SONY Xperia, Native SDK

Posted: June 9, 2018

Do you remember of the exclusive partnership between Sony and MyAppFree? Over one year passed since the Italian mobile advertising agency started giving direct access to premium placements in Sony branded apps, now used by over 40 million users.

This year, things are going to the next level. MyAppFree integration has spread to more Sony apps, bringing new advertising possibilities. These unique placements are the ideal solution for mobile performance campaigns meant to run on genuine native traffic.

“Users are guided through the conversion process not by a simple display banner with a direct jump to the Store, but via tailored articles and reviews, meant to improve CR and ROI” said Riccardo, myAppFree’ CEO. “The advertorial format is the best solution to reach quality users in a non-intrusive way. The user decides to install an app because he has a real interest in it and by his own decision, binding with the app or the game even before the installation.”

This solution consists of real in-app articles and reviews that are not perceived as an advertisement by users, leading to valuable conversions for the advertiser. Moreover, thanks to the average spending rate of Xperia’s user-base (iAP purchase rate 5-7%), advertisers are certain to buy on a high spending audience in top countries worldwide including Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and more.

“This is the approach our customers were asking us to succeed in difficult but strategic markets as the Japanese one. With a total hassle-free solution (the content management is handled directly by our native speaker creative department), any advertisers now have the chance to meet an exclusive user-base.” told Alessandro, the CCO.

MyAppFree is constantly investing resources to grow its network of premium and unique placements, developing its own apps, while integrating its SDK to high-performance third-party apps and games. The goal is to create the universal solution to advertise on mobile with performance in mind.

If you want to learn more about the solutions that myAppFree provides through Sony devices and all their premium placements, visit or contact them at

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