Advertisers don’t know their mobile customers

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eMarketer has compiled various research which shows that advertisers are still not fully understanding their mobile customers due to the lack of clear mobile measurement. Citing a March paper from Econsultancy, the struggle surrounding mobile measurements becomes a little clearer – only 51% of marketers said they actually measured user engagement and return on investment (ROI) from mobile campaigns. In fact, less than half of advertisers are able to track their customers across various mobile devices or even understand the ways in which their consumers use their smartphones and tablets. Cross-channel tracking is not yet common practice for mobile campaigns.
Marketers aren’t fully measuring their mobile campaigns
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There’s more research to back up the lack of basic tracking measures. A study by Signal earlier this year, found that 51% of advertisers worldwide don’t have a single overview of their prospects across devices. Only 6% found their current technologies adequate to report a single view. However, analytics providers have begun to jump at the chance to help track and measure mobile campaigns more effectively.
comScore, the American analytics company, last week announced that it was to enable daily reporting of unduplicated audience, viewability and validation metrics of mobile campaigns. Mobile and desktop ad metrics give buyers and sellers a wide overview of their campaign’s performance. Anne Hunter, Senior VP, comScore, says:

“Marketers are increasingly focused on cross-media campaigns because they understand that holistic planning can radically improve efficiency in delivering against their target audiences. This unified daily reporting of mobile and desktop ad performance will enable brands and agencies to more effectively manage the unduplicated ad performance across both platforms. With the addition of ad validation it finally allows comparison of mobile to other media, such as TV, and to better optimize their marketing mix.”

Using a technology called validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), comScore can provide an unduplicated overview of impressions across dimensions such as in-target, in-view, in-geo, brand safe and free from non-human traffic, ensuring greater effectiveness of the campaign.
However what exactly is being measured differs from client to client. Whilst a retail brand may wish to measure in-store sales ROI, entertainment providers may be more interested in measuring click-through rates. Mobile measurement tool requirements hence need to be carefully evaluated against marketing goals.

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