Adknowledge Director of Marketing EMEA Simon Baptist talks App Promotion [VIDEO]

James Cooper | October 20, 2014

App Marketing

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Simon Baptist, Director of Marketing EMEA at Adknowledge was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Simon for the interesting interview.

Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Video:

Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Audio:

Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Transcript:

We’re here at the App Promotion Summit 2014 and we’re talking to Simon Baptist Director of Marketing at Adknowledge. Simon, nice to see you.
Nice to see you.
Firstly, can you give us a little overview of Adknowledge and the services that you offer.
Sure. Adknowledge is a U.S. ad tech company that I’m part of the international growth team. We’re bringing it into AMEA and APAC at the moment with a particular focus on a couple of the ways we help advertisers. One is in social where through AdParlor we help advertisers who are spending significantly on Facebook and now on Twitter to really have an efficient and effective spend on those platforms. We also have recently delved into video, and we bought two companies. One handles native videos. It’s the biggest native video ad network in the US. Then really just last week, or the week before, we bought something that really solves the problem of how do you buy on YouTube at scale. Those two things are the things that we really focused on bringing over. But yet today here at App Promotion Summit we’ve been really focusing on AdParlor because we’ve worked a lot with mobile app developers over the last couple of years. I think last count we’ve driven approximately 10 million plus installs. What’s interesting is in terms of how our revenue has changed, we’ve really mapped how Facebook’s revenue has gone towards being mobile focused and we became mobile first about six months ago ourselves.
So sticking with social, Twitter announced the app promotion suite today. Can you tell us a little about that and how it’s developed?
So it’s mobile app promotion which inherently is a bundling of a number of different things which really allows developers to take advantage of the Twitter audience but in a way that drives installs. That’s something we’ve been working with Twitter on for, I guess, the last six months as a beta partner. So it’s really great to see it come out into public domain because I think it’s something that in terms of really capturing what benefit social can bring to app developers. Facebook’s great. Facebook’s really powerful. But also we’re seeing similar things from Twitter as we did with Facebook.
And obviously Facebook as a huge powerhouse when it comes to driving installs?
Do you think Twitter can compete? Do you think it is competing?
Well, I think in terms of competing I think it will complement. I think it will grow. I think social as a line item will grow against some of the other mobile distribution channels. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’ll compete, I think they’ll complement. And particularly if you look at both with Facebook and Facebook Audience Network, which is extending the Facebook power into third party apps. And then with Twitter, they recently bought MoPub, and I can’t remember what the other mobile solution they bought. So I think both of them are quite competitive solutions to maybe more traditional mobile distribution channels.
With Facebook and the launch of Facebook Audience Network, how’s that been for you guys, have you seen a lot of success with that?
It’s very early days for us and I don’t think I can delve publicly into too much of the detail, but what we can say is that it definitely shows promise and it complements buying on Facebook directly as well as that extension we’re seeing. Yeah, there’s some really interesting numbers even though it’s very early days so we wouldn’t want to say too much about, but the underlining is it shows some really great promise. I think it’s going to be one to watch.
Simon, that you very much.

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