Adjust Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence

James Cooper | October 22, 2014

Mobile Advertising

Simon Kendall, Product Manager at Adjust was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Simon for the interesting interview.

Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Video:

Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Audio:

Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Transcript:

We’re here at the App Promotion Summit 2014, and we’re talking to Simon Kendall, Product Manager at Adjust. Simon, nice to see you.
First thing, can you tell us a little bit about Adjust and what the company does?
Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps. We see ourselves as sort of the intersection between campaign tracking and app tracking and store analysis, which means we see this whole thing as a coherent, holistic whole, if you will. And that’s kind of what we start with, and then from there, we provide analytics for our clients.
Okay. Now, there’s quite a few app analytics companies out there, so what should developers and marketers consider adjust as the best platform to work with?
So I talk to a lot of our partners and lot of our clients, as well as friends in the ecosystem about this sort of thing, and what I see a lot is people saying, “Okay, well, you know, I need this metric. I need this tool. I need this particular metric.” And I think a lot of the times, it’s not so much about looking at particular metrics and particular tools. A lot of the times, it’s about finding exactly what you need to see. Each and every app has slightly different objectives, slightly different goals with what they’re doing, especially in paid attribution. And I think it’s important being able to see, get that visibility on the actual plan and the actual things, the actual objectives that you’re trying to accomplish, that I think is the most important part. And so once you have that plan down, it shouldn’t be too hard to actually see, “Okay well, you know, give me the cohort analysis because I need it for that or that reason. Give me deep linking because I need it for that or that reason.” But I think the ultimate, where you have to come from, is having a solid plan and not just looking at, not just creating a rubric and say, “Okay, they have all these features and not these features,” so on and so forth.
Now, there’s been a lot of talk about re-engagement at the conference today. What role does app analytics play in this and how do platforms like Adjust help with re-engagement?
Well, you need to be able to enable the fundamental mechanisms behind understanding re-engagement. One thing is targeting our users, one thing is providing deep linking, and so on and so forth, which is, of course, something that we work with, but I think more importantly, you need to understand where are these users coming from and how are they re-engaging after interacting with any of your campaigns. This is the fundament behind a solid re-attribution solution. And this is something that only a dedicated analytics provider can provide.
Simon, thank you very much.
Thank you.

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