Adjust joins TikTok Business Marketing Partner Program

Anne Freer | February 8, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Adjust, the app marketing platform, announced that it has joined the TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program.

The program is designed for brands and marketers to provide them with better tools for more meaningful engagement.

The company which provides analytics tools to measure app marketing performance will join TikTok as a measurement partner. Advertisers on the popular app can then use its tools to optimise, measure and target their ad campaigns for more success.

The partnerships include integration of its Audience Builder, a tool to lets clients export first-party data like audience groups to TikTok from the Adjust dashboard.

The idea is that this will help marketers schedule more personalised ad campaigns and boost user engagement.

In addition, clients can link their TikTok account to edit their campaign data directly via the Adjust Automate dashboard.

“Finding and retaining the right users is critical, as many drop off after the first days of installing the app and competition for users’ eyeballs is fierce. That is why it is imperative for mobile advertisers to push the right messaging to the right audience at the right point in the marketing funnel,”  said Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships at Adjust. “We are excited to partner with TikTok to give marketers a simpler, more seamless way to segment their desired audiences, automate their campaigns, measure ad spend and grow their apps.”

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