Adjust adds 400 clients in Q1, warns against conflicts of interest in analytics space

Mobile analytics firm adjust says its added 400 new enterprise customers in the first quarter of 2014 and has boosted revenue by 3100% percent year-on-year.
The Berlin-based company, which just celebrated its second year in operation, offers performance tracking for app campaigns and has been very vocal about the importance of open source SDKs and strict privacy standards in the industry.
Adjust’s CEO and co-founder Christian Henschel says the company’s global expansion has been a big success so far.

“We’ve had extraordinary first few months of 2014 in growing revenues and vastly expanding our global network of partners and customers as we enter new markets globally,” said Henschel. “This success is a testament to our ability as a team to execute on all key aspects of our business — the growth in mobile applications is exceeding all expectations as literally billions of consumers around the world spend more time every day on their mobile devices, and this will continue to grow exponentially over the next few years.”

With the mobile analytics space becoming a little crowded, we asked Hanschel what he thought about the need for consolidation in the industry, and the trend toward combining mobile analytics with monetisation services. He argues that while some merging is needed, there is a danger of going too far and creating a conflict of interest.

“We think that there is definitely some consolidation in the market that is needed, because app developers don’t like to use several services to monitor various KPIs of their apps,” he says. “But there is a huge conflict of interest if you sell media or special services and then try to analyze them at the same time. We do see exactly the opposite: Analytics and measurement should be the “Switzerland” within the mobile ad ecosystem and should not be combined with any marketing/service oriented business models.”

Adjust’s new clients include global brands such as Baidu, Buzzfeed, Deutsche Telekom, Universal Music and Viacom. The platform also says it’s now able to integrate with nearly 200 partners and agencies, including Tapjoy, Upsight, Facebook and Nanigans.

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