Ad spend on hyper-casual rose across all mobile game app genres

Anne Freer | October 29, 2020

App Marketing

In the past 12 months, things in the world of mobile game app advertising have change rapidly. Now, data from mobile monetisation platform ironSource shows that ad spending for hyper-casual games saw a major lift during this time.

The latest findings reveal that in-app purchase demand spending on hyper-casual games rose by over 160% for interstitials and 70% for rewarded videos between January 2019 and May 2020.

Meanwhile, all game genres including arcade, casino, puzzle, RPG and shooter increased their ad spend on hyper-casual supply. Among them, puzzle and arcade games saw the biggest spike in spending (over 100%).

The data report also shows that ROAS from users acquired on hyper-casual games versus in-app purchase games was nearly identical.

As a result of coronavirus lockdowns in the US, engagement rates with ads on in-app purchase games were significantly higher than before lockdowns.

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