Acquiring a gaming app user who makes an in-app purchase is cheapest in the UK

Anne Freer | August 30, 2019

App Marketing

The summer months could be a great time to target app users, with July to September marking the period with the second-highest install-to-in-app conversion rate (16%).

The cost to acquire users during this time is low at just $27.09. That’s according to the latest report from mobile app marketer Liftoff.

Based on the analysis of 107 billion ad impression and 82 million installs, the report notes that mobile gaming is in a healthy state.

But this means that user acquisition costs are up – 16.5% to $4.37 for installs to be precise. Converting players into in-app purchasers now costs $35.42 per user – an increase of 12.3%.

At $3.21, Android users are much cheaper to acquire than iOS counterparts at $4.85. But when it comes to install-to-in-app-purchase costs, the playing field is a little more level this year with iOS increasing 13.2% to $36.63 and Android increasing 9.5% to $33.83.

Install costs vary widely by country. China and Brazil are offering bargain prices compared to Japan and Canada or the US.

At $24.53, the UK offers the lowest cost to acquire a gaming app user who makes a first in-app purchase. It also has a high engagement rate of 17.3%.

The full report offers a breakdown of individual gaming app segments including mid-core and strategy gaming apps, casual gaming apps, hyper-casual games, and casino gaming apps.

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