A third of eSports viewers research brands they’ve seen advertised

Anne Freer | June 18, 2021

App Business

eSports have significantly grown in popularity over the last few months, not least because of COVID-related lockdowns driving greater adoption of live streaming and other eSports apps.

Some 31% of respondents said they use mobile devices to watch eSports competitions.

According to new research from AdColony, 61% of users said they would research a brand they saw featured on eSports.

The findings show that there’s room for advertisers to market to these highly engaged audiences.

“Brands looking to reach an engaged audience should continue to value mobile games as a prime channel for advertising as a wide variety of users are viewing esports on mobile devices and also playing games on mobile while watching esports,” AdColony wrote.

Another 45% of users agreed that brands were ahead of the curve and 31% also admitted to looking up an advert that aired during an eSports event.

It’s expected that eSports will attract some $1.8 billion in revenues in 2023 and viewerships isn’t restricted to any one gender.

Almost half (46%) of respondents said it was important to keep up with eSports on multiple devices, but cross-device browsing is common when viewing such content with 45% looking at their social media feeds, 41% texting and another 26% playing other mobile games.

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