91% more publishers reached $1 million revenue mark in 2021 than 5 years ago

Anne Freer | December 23, 2021

App Business

The number of publishers making $1 million in net income in 2021 has doubled since 2016, according to new data released by Sensor Tower.

Over 900 publishers are projected to surpass the $1 million mark in 2021, up 91% over 2016.

The number of publishers on iOS exceeded 581 while Google Play had 325 publishers scoring significantly higher for revenues this year.

It’s likely that lockdowns in light of the pandemic played a role in the increase.

However, the number of publishers surpassing $1 million in net income in 2021 is predicted to drop when compared to last year.

That’s because consumer behaviours are normalising again as lockdowns are being lifted.

On the App Store 636 publishers exceeded $1 million in annual net revenues in 2020, dropping 9% in 2021.

Google Play had 11% more publishers reaching the milestone last year.

In 2021, consumers are expected to spend $47.9 billion on Google Play, 6 percentage points above Apple’s 17.7% growth on IOS at $85.1 billion.

While mobile gaming publishers are still raking in the highest earnings, entertainment and social networking apps ranked third and second, respectively.

However, productivity and sports apps saw the largest growth in 2021, which 21 publishers in the productivity category reaching $1 million in net revenues.

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