87% of marketers agree that brand trust strategies need to change

Anne Freer | February 18, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Marketers have certainly felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and one area where this is particularly evident appears to be consumer trust.

According to research from Iterable, 87% of marketers said they needed to change their strategy in order to boost consumer trust.

Among the most important changes cited were a stronger focus on being crisis-response driven (25%), more empathy-driven (24%) and more sales-driven (23%). 

For example, shoe retailer Allbirds changed its marketing strategy to offer donations to healthcare workers.

Marketing campaigns that focused on social causes were also high on the list with racial inequality (47%) and public health (40%) taking centre stage in 2020.

Tactics used by marketers to implement these cause-driven campaigns including partnerships with relevant organisations and charities (57%), social media content (57%), donations (46%), direct messaging (36%) and giving employees paid time off to volunteer (22%).

Although 51% of staff think their companies didn’t take matters far enough, 83% also agree that their company should remain politically neutral.

But one thing seems certain, consumer trust strategies should change in 2021 according to some 74% of marketers.

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