78% of marketers want to work with micro-influencers in 2020

Anne Freer | March 11, 2020


Micro-influencers are emerging as an ever more attractive option for sponsored posts with 78% of marketers wanting to work with influencers who have 5k to 100k of followers.

According to new research by influencer marketing company Linqia, roughly 40% of marketers are now running more than six influencer marketing campaigns and 20% have plans to allocate up to half of their budgets toward sponsored spots.

This is bolstered by emerging platforms such as TikTok which 16% of marketers are planning to use for their campaigns in 2020.

“As brands increase their influencer marketing budgets, it’s clear that the industry is advancing into its growth and optimization phase. Marketers are moving away from celebrity influencers and toward authentic micro-and macro-influencers to create quality content on proven channels like Instagram, while also experimenting on newer platforms, like TikTok,” said Nader Alizadeh, CEO and co-founder of Linqia. “Quality of the content is now so important, marketers rank it above product sales as a measure of success.”

A growing number of marketers (26%) now also prefer nano-influencers over celebrities (22%).

A whopping 97% plan to use Instagram as the primary platform for their marketing campaigns.

Another emerging trend is the re-use of influencer content with 88% admitting that they plan to share influencer content across their own social networks and website.

However, the survey based on the answers by almost 200 marketers and agency professionals also found that 49% of them weren’t aware of new Federal Trade Commission sponsorship disclosure rules.

Engagement remains an important performance indicator for markers with 71% measuring the success of their campaign using the metric.

Brand awareness (62%) and impressions (60%) rank second and third to measure influencer success.

However, if the industry is to evolve as a whole, the issue of correctly determining ROI (46%) will need to be resolved.

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