78% of consumers will abandon transaction if app installation is required

Anne Freer | February 8, 2021

App Business

As the mobile app economy is heading toward $171 billion by 2024, app developers and marketers must understand how consumers feel about installing apps to complete orders or services.

However, a whopping 78% of users chose to abandon a transaction because a business required them to install a mobile app.

That’s according to new research from Heady, based on a survey of US-based smartphone users.

Over 68% of users said they were moderately or very frustrated if a company asked them to install an app to complete a transaction.

Meanwhile, 58% who opt to install an app eventually still complained that it was a frustrating experience overall.

They are also 65% more likely to clean their app inventory and delete apps each week as a consequence.

What’s more 32% said that deleting an app made them think less of the company that created it.

The results reveal that there are three pain-points when it comes to app-based purchases. Users abandon transactions because they get frustrated. However, there is an increasing demand for apps. Lastly, consumers are frustrated with current checkout processes.

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