77% of gamers will watch an in-game ad to get discount

Anne Freer | May 17, 2022

App Business

The mobile in-game advertising market has attracted serious growth over the last few years with in-game advertising set to reach $5.29 billion. 

Over half (62%) of users now install games within a week of owning a mobile device and 43% of time on mobile devices is linked to games. Around 21.5% of App Store revenue growth comes from games. 

Now a new infographic from ConsumerAcquisition shows that most users prefer opt-in rewarded video over interstitial ad types, specifically millennials (76%) and high-income users (74%). 

The majority of users (77%) are happy to watch an ad to receive a retailer discount.

And game developers have latched onto the success with most of them now using rewarded video as part of their strategy.

Interstitial ads saw 18x higher CTR compared to banners and it comes as little surprise then that they make up 76% of the ads players see in-game. 

Meanwhile, playable ads lead to better retention at up to 40%. 

However, when combing rewarded videos with offerwalls revenues spiked to 114% and 45% of gamers would even stop playing a game if an offerwall were to be removed. 

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