75% of Indian apps on Google Play pose security risks

Anne Freer | June 30, 2022

App Business

Approximately 75% of India’s leading 100 Android apps contain security risks, according to research by mobile security experts Appknox.

With some 150k out of the roughly three million apps on Google Play coming from Indian publishers including Meesha, Flipkart and Paytm, the findings point to the necessity for significant security overhauls. 

Testing the apps as part of 14 different test cases which assesses how much data apps share, how secure app payments are and whether there are data leakages, the company found that some of the biggest apps in India aren’t providing even the most basic security checks. 

Around 79% of the tested apps had network security misconfigurations while 78% lacked adequate code obfuscation which opens the door for hackers to reverse-engineer code.

Another 42% missed out on sufficient transport layer protection when sharing data from an app to a server via unprotected channels.

India is a major market for global app installs, accounting for 14% of installs in 2020.  

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