6-second mobile video ads now as effective as longer ones

Anne Freer | December 16, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Video adverts are now having a much bigger impact on the purchasing funnel than they have ever had before, according to new research from MAGNA, IPG Media Lab and Snap Inc.

Short-form video ads that are up to 6 seconds long drove almost the identical lift as 15 second ads in brand preference and purchase intent. Previously, short-form video ads were predominantly used to drive awareness. Longer formats tend to be seen as more intrusive these days.

“As short form premium content has grown, advertisers are evolving their creative mix, so it’s better tailored for short form viewing experiences, which leads to more effective communication in less time and at less cost,” said Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer, UM.

“The priority must be for the industry to enable compelling and persuasive ad supported environments for a healthy marketing ecosystem. Understanding the impact of ad length in relation to varying platforms and media types will further propel a brand’s mix in short form premium content and drive improved business outcomes on their plans.”

The study also found that shorter video ads performed well across young and older audiences.

How well ads performed differed by platform, but on Snapchat 15 second video ads were found to be more memorable and tended to be skipped less.

Meanwhile, 6 second ads were found to be more persuasive because they managed to convey a brand message more quickly.

Snapchat ads drove more than twice the lift in awareness compared to other platforms.

On platforms where skipping tends to be the norm, shorter ads performed better.

“This research confirms our hypothesis that upper and lower funnel impact can be achieved in mere seconds via video ads,” said Snap’s VP of Global Agency Partnerships, David Roter. “We were thrilled to validate that Snap’s fullscreen, vertical, immersive video format delivers full funnel efficacy for advertisers.”

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