56% of strategy mobile game revenues coming from Chinese games

Anne Freer | September 22, 2020

App Business

Strategy games are now the third biggest mobile gaming genre with 56% of iOS revenue coming from Chinese companies such as Diandian Interactive and KingsGroup.

That’s according to new research by GameRefinery released today.

Strategy was contributing 13% of the US market’s revenue at around $102.7 million.

But Western strategy games such as Mobile Strike and Clash of Kings appear to be losing out to Chinese competitors with their yearly revenues dropping.

In Japan, the genre was generating around 8% o revenues while it takes a whopping 29% in China.

4x strategy was the subgenera with the highest grossing revenues at 68%, followed by build and battle (20%).

The research also noted that 67% of the top grossing 200 strategy games were more than two years old.

Hybrid elements in 4x strategy were on the rise and more elements outside of the format were utilised to wide the audience.

Long-term power progression, events, and social elements are among the cornerstones of modern mobile strategy games.

Strategic resource optimisation was motivational for strategy gamers.

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