50% of Gen Z shoppers make purchases from TikTok posts

Anne Freer | April 15, 2022

App Business

Half of Gen Z shoppers have previously made a purchase after seeing a product on TikTok, according to research by Student Beans.

Four in five Gen Z shoppers are now using the app for almost all aspects of their life including news and getting inspiration for outfits or finding new brands.

TikTok’s growing commerce power is evident when considering hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt which generated some 9.5 billion views.

Around 40% of US shoppers follow brands on TikTok and 54% previously discovered a brand on the app that they later made a purchase from. 

Around half of Gen Z shoppers open up the app every day and a quarter visit online stores from it daily. This may signal a subtler shift to more social driven commerce. 

“Social storefronts, especially those on TikTok, are vital for retailers selling to Gen Z consumers. Half of these shoppers have made a purchase after discovering a brand on this app, and two-out-of-five have participated in live shopping events, something which is now available on TikTok,” said Becky Kells, B2B Editor at Student Beans.

Features such as AR have been used by a third of young shoppers and two-fifths have participated in livestream shopping events. TikTok also previously launched a shopping function to connect brands to its growing community.

“TikTok is a fast-moving entertainment-based app, so advertised products should be low-budget and easy to purchase on a whim. Take a look at the TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag for inspiration and you’ll see consumers enjoy easily accessible purchases like Amazon finds that can be bought on a quick next-day delivery service.”

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