5 Steps to Mobile Games Marketing Guide from AppLift

James Cooper | May 7, 2013


Our friends over at the no.1 mobile games advertising network AppLift have a new guide out giving details of how to market your free-to-play mobile game.  The AppLift crew are part of Hitfox which is probably the single biggest concentration of mobile games marketing talent and expertise in Europe, if not the World! If you want to learn how to market mobile games then there’s no-one better to teach you.
The guide covers the following key elements:

  • Appstore Optimization for Games
  • Buying installs and clicks using paid traffic sources
  • Launch marketing planning
  • Long-term marketing
  • Analytics and tracking

You can grab the guide here https://content.applift.com/5-steps-to-successfully-market-your-mobile-game/

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