5 Must-Have Features Your Mobile App Should Have

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Posted: March 27, 2017

Stephanie Jones is a Business Development Manager at Intellectsoft. Constant communication with clients and regular research of competitor offers provides her with unique insight into mobile application trends and the software needs of both emerging and established businesses.

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. According to Ericsson, the majority of our planet’s population, as much as 6.4 billion people, will be smartphone users by 2021. Businesses have been gradually transforming to get in line with this transition. The shift presents a serious challenge of consistently keeping users engaged with fresh features and content. Not everybody endures: statistics about apps from Google say that 25% of installed applications are never used.

Nevertheless, every company should have at least one well-made application in 2017. Intellectsoft has been developing software for more than a decade, and we’ve noticed that there are several universal features that help businesses ensure their apps are engaging and are used regularly. Individual app features vary from industry to industry, but push-notifications, chatbots, actionable analytics, AR, and a personalized approach to every user are a prerequisites for successful apps.

Top mobile apps rely on personalization

Intellectsoft has been working with a number of established companies, and they have one thing in common: the understanding that each and every customer enjoys personal attention from a brand. This comes in the form of personal offers, remembering a customer’s name and app preferences, hands-on customisation possibilities, etc. Personalisation is the cornerstone of a successful application, whether it’s enterprise software or a retail app.

Benefits of personalisation :

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits with the help of spot-on personalised offers (personalisation creates a positive image of company that cares about its customers)
  • Distinguished approach to engagement

The most used iOS apps will have chatbots

According to a study from Business Insider, messaging is the second most common thing people do on their smartphones every day. Endless emoji options aside, messaging is an experience defined by simplicity. We at Intellectsoft reckon that companies should leverage this simplicity, especially today, when developments in machine learning are contributing to the efficiency and speed of chatbots.

Benefits of chatbots:

  • Improved user experience which is defined by simplicity and speed
  • Reduced costs (in sales, support, and other)
  • Increased profits through shorter, simpler customer journeys
  • 24/7 customer support

Who wouldn’t want to be able to buy something like a plane ticket in the same app where they text their friends and colleagues? In a similar vein, customers will be happy about the positive change in support departments, as chatbots will make discussions faster and more to the point.

App developers still offer push-notifications

Businesses have a variety of ways to reach out to customers, and the aforementioned chatbots prove tech progress will lead to more ingenious engagement opportunities. Nevertheless, this isn’t a cause for abandoning the tried and true push-notification. According to Localytics, 50% of people find push-notifications useful, though rates vary depending on industry.

Benefits of push-notifications:

  • Improved user engagement, especially when implementing a personalised approach
  • Direct, targeted approach to individual users
  • Improved app retention rate (lowered chances of app abandonment)
  • New beacon-based engagement opportunities
  • Improved mobile user acquisition rates

As a result, push-notifications will remain a part of offers from both app development companies and mobile app development platforms.

Push Notification Platforms

See all push notification service providers to find the best fit for your business.

Augmented reality as a feature of future

Today the augmented reality market can be considered small, but it’s expected to become as large as VR. IKEA demonstrated how AR can be used in retail with its AR catalogue as far back as 2012; National Geographic has built an AR installation at SXSW 2017, showcasing how the technology will change marketing; and Converse gave users the option to use their smartphone’s camera to try on their shoes. Augmented reality brings a wide array of possibilities, including:

  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Increased user value
  • Leaving lasting, positive impressions on users
  • Simplicity and user-friendliness (especially compared to VR)

Best app development companies recommend actionable analytics

Time after time businesses return to the question, “How to monetize an app?” They come up with great ideas, but often lack spot-on data they can rely on to make the right decision. Actionable analytics solve this problem. An established app making company will provide back end solutions that ensure actionable analytics collect all the necessary user data as customers thumb through the app — delivering processed information in clean, simple charts and graphs.

Benefits of actionable analytics:

  • Simplified data gathering
  • Informed, data-driven business decisions
  • Consistent updates on user behavior
  • Reduced costs (for example, on analytical firms and consulting companies)

On the way to Top Mobile Apps chart

Creating and developing a great app takes time and effort. The list of key app features varies from industry to industry, but the five features above should be considered for any app — they will make any business more effective, engaging, and ready to face the challenges lying ahead in the highly competitive, tech-focused business markets of the future.

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