5 Key Metrics for Measuring Advertising Campaigns Performance

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Posted: November 6, 2017

This article was first published on GOWIDE Ad Network blog.

Advertisers and digital marketers always do their best to promote a mobile application.
Any mobile app developer wants to capture data about his app performance. Acquiring new customers is a business owner’s priority. It is equally important, however, to measure the performance of an app’s promotion. How strong is an advertising campaign? There are specific metrics to understand whether you’re  on the right track with your efforts or not.
Learn the following marketing metrics for an ad campaign assessment.

Traffic Sources and Channels

Apart from organic traffic, there are multiple services developers use for a user acquisition. They sign up to various ad networks, cooperate with different self-serve platforms, etc. Purchasing traffic on programmatic basis implies special analytical instruments that allow advertisers to track different channels. Some sources are more effective than others. You need to find the most reliable and productive ones.
You can try various platforms, such as AppBooster that helps you to set up and manage an effective ad campaign. If you are interested in quality traffic for any country of the world, sign up and learn more about this solution.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This abbreviation stands for the Click-Through rate. It is the ratio of clicks to ad impressions. To calculate CTR divide the number of users who clicked on an advertisement by the number of times the ad was shown to people. The metric is traditionally used to weigh the efficiency of the display ads. At the same time, advertisers shouldn’t give too much emphasis to this indicator. Clicks and impressions are somewhat limited signals of success. Marketers should take into account a user’s intent when clicking on an advertisement, engagement, brand awareness, and many other factors.

Conversion Rate (CR)

The metric demonstrates how many app visitors performed the desired action, e.g. an app install. This indicator is very important. However, not every user’s action converts necessary to a sale. A visitor may fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, and so on. An advertiser can define the most appropriate actions to calculate CR for a particular mobile app or a game.

Mobile Advertising Companies

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Retention Rate

Measuring marketing effectiveness, app developer can also use such important indicator as Retention Rate. This metric shows how many individuals use an application more than once within a given time period (usually a day or month). This is a crucial metric to track for any mobile advertising campaign.
An abundance of downloads doesn’t mean the quality. A lot of users install an app or a game, try it, and then abandon it quickly. New apps are being released in the mobile market all the time. The competition is very high. It’s not a problem for a user to find an app with better features and design. According to Statista, only 24% of applications were used more than once during the first six months after their installs. You can see this on the graph below.

Source: Statista

Focusing on existing users retention rather than getting new ones is more profitable for business owners. That’s why advertisers should track user’s behavior to understand the entire process of a user’s interaction with an app.

Social Metrics

Social Media Platforms are indispensable assistants in mobile app promotion. The word of mouth is considered to be one of the most efficient means of advertising. Besides, a wide use of social networks provides more opportunities for targeting (geo, age, profession, user’s interests, likes, and dislikes, etc.)
According to Adweek, social metrics may include brand mentions, shares, comments, retweets, views, subscribers, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t consider a successful launch of your mobile app as the end of a story. To keep its performance up, you need to improve it on an on-going basis. Optimization is impossible without a thorough analysis. That’s why any app developer just can’t market his app effectively without special performance metrics. Such indicators show the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Tracking the results, and studying them allow you to manage mobile advertising better. Study useful tips from experienced developers and create your own marketing metrics list.

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