5 App Startups Innovating in Messaging

Artyom Dogtiev | February 11, 2016

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One of the top most popular apps in 2015 was Facebook Messenger. Instant messaging apps are on the pick of their popularity, people install and register in apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype in tens of millions. Texting has become the new norm and for the most part, especially for millennials, has replaced voice calling. One of the most interesting recent trends for instant messaging is its adoption for various specific goals, including business ones.

Instant messaging communication concept has several advantages over traditional communication via email. For starters, it’s an ability to exchange information faster and streamline it overall. Many problems in communication arise when questions are left answered, because people can’t keep track on an information flow efficiently.

On this list below we’ve put together the five messaging app startups and their apps that simplify people’s life in several aspects.


XROS company was founded by Ami Ben-David in 2015 in London, UK to bring the convenience of an instant messaging technology to the Enterprise. Prior to establishing XROS, Ami career spanned from working at Aladdin Knowledge Systems, a software security company, later acquired by Vector Capital, in early 2000 to Doat Media Ltd in 2010, where he, Rami Kasterstein and Joey Simhon established Everything.me company, where they developed EverythingMe Android app launcher. That project was shut down in December of 2015 and since then Ami Ben-David and his team decided to focus on another project, they’d been developing since 2014 – an instant messaging app for business.

Instant messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger or WhatsAp have become a day-to-day means of communication for hundreds millions of people all over the world. But when it comes to business communication, the closest example of an instant messaging app we can bring up is the Slack app, but it’s intended to be used for companies internal communication only. Ami Ben-David XROS app empowers businesses with a sophisticated and yet easy-to-use app, both mobile and desktop, to communicate between companies per-to-per or in groups.

Here are the reasons that make XROS compelling:

  • multi-platform
  • uncluttered, streamlined interface
  • group chat support via Channels

Ami Ben-david interview with Robert Scoble

SportOn company was founded by Jeet Dattani and Jaydeep Talatia in New Jersey, US in June of 2014. The startup is driven by its founders passion to sport and their wish to bring sport fans all over the globe an app to experience an excitement of a sport game ups and downs together. The company founders have managed to establish it without going through funding rounds to attract venture capital, by side consulting projects through AppOn platform.

The innovation, the app brings to the table, lays in putting together instant messaging, scores, team and player information in a single mobile app for sport fans to enjoy. In the app, sport fans can create “Crowds” to chat with their friends under one screen, having all of their favorite team’s scores and updates right under their fingertips.

Here are the reasons that make SportOn compelling:

  • it replaces several apps to deliver unified experience
  • first-hand awareness of what sport fans need
  • solid social media marketing strategy

SportOn – Your “Crowd”, Your Way!


YikYak company was founded by Tyler Droll and Brooks Huffington in October of 2013 in Atlanta, US. This startup is on a mission to make the world feel small again, to bring the power and convenience of an instant messaging to local communities all over the globe. In 2013 Tyler Droll, Furman University freshman, together with his friend Brooks Huffington saw a unique opportunity to create a mobile app for hyper-local communities. For the past 2+ years the company went through three rounds of funding from 9 investors and currently employees more than 10 people.

As of today, the app helps people in more than 1,600 university campuses in US to have their voice in their local community. The best analogy to describe the YikYak app is a bulletin board, where people can see posts from other people in their area and communicate with them easily.

Here are the reasons that make YikYak app compelling:

  • good understanding of local communities messaging needs
  • thoughtful social media marketing strategy
  • excellent UI

Introducing a new way to share on Yik Yak



YellowMessenger is an instant messaging company, founded by Indian entrepreneurs Raghu Kumar and Jaya Kishore Reddy in September of 2014. YellowMessenger combines marketplace and an Android chat app in a single powerful solution that builds a bridge between businesses and consumers. With a simple chat, the app users can find restaurants and book tables, shop from online and local stores, book a cab and do dozens of different kind of orders or bookings. The app is a brainchild of Raghu Kumar, who once went through an apartment buying experience, when Whatsapp app communication with one of the marketers made his choice.

The Yellow Messenger revenue model is based on providing a premium subscription for business to get 24×7 communication channel with new and existing customers. The second revenue source is  commission for transactions that are conducted across Yellow Messenger’s affiliate ecommerce platforms such as  Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Amazon, Jabong, Print Venue, Groupon etc., that are directed through Yellow Messenger.

Here are the reasons that make YikYak app compelling:

  • supports 100+ million local stores and brands listed on Yellow
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) , AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify user intents
  • asynchronous and non intrusive compared to calling

Yellow Messenger



Text-a-Pro is an instant messaging solution from Pro.com, the marketplace to get estimates and reviews for a home project. Pro.com was founded in 2014 by Matt Williams, Dean Falconer, Greg Meyer, Eric Wilson, Gregor Purdy in Seattle, US. The company has successfully raised $17.5M of a venture capital in 2 rounds from 10 investors. Pro.com company mission strikes a chord with any homeowner or renter in US, who needs to get an estimate for a home project. In October of 2015, Pro.com launched an instant messaging service to allow home service customers and pros to communicate directly via Pro-a-Text messaging app. It was the next logical step on the company’s mission to solve a problem of finding the right local home service professional and effective communication every step of the project.

Here are the reasons that make Pro-a-Text app compelling:

  • Flat-rate prices can be pre-negotiated via chat
  • Ability to schedule a project instantly with a help of home project manager
  • Available on Facebook Messenger as well

Introducing Text-a-Pro by Pro.com


Following the period of exponential adoption by people for personal communication with their friends and family, messaging apps are on the rise of their usage for specific goals. Many startups see a marketing opportunity to bring advantages of an instant messaging app to specific business verticals. As for any startup, their success partly supported by their ability to demonstrate that their idea is viable, there is a market for it and hence venture capital should be invested into their project. Because social networking and hence communication is one of the top activities people have with their smartphone and tablet, we believe messaging apps will continue to be one of the dominant of mobile app industry.

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