45% say diversity is key factor for using in-game ads

Advertising agencies and brand marketers consider mobile in-game advertising an opportunity to reach more diverse audiences, according to new research from IAB Australia. 

The Game Advertising State of the Nation report reveals that 45% of respondents said diversity of gaming audience was a key factor for advertising in-game. 

This marks a shift from the previous focus of getting to hard-to-reach audiences for game ads.

“There has been a pronounced shift in thinking in relation to game audiences over the last year with more agencies realising that Australia’s games landscape reaches a diverse, mainstream and inclusive audience of all ages, genders and backgrounds,” said Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia. 

“This has shifted strategic thinking and planning away from traditional gaming stereotypes which skewed young, single males into the mainstream to help build brand, reach a diverse audience, and drive incremental reach.”

Agencies are also more open to considering different forms of game advertising when creating media plans (25%) while a third still consider gaming as part of their more experimental strategies. 

38% said they had no experience with this type of advertising. 

The most commonly used in-game ad formats included streaming ads, display and live-stream video ads. 

Some 59% are also up for trialling metaverse activations and other new ad formats in the near future. 

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