37 second full-screen video ads perform best for hyper-casual mobile games

Anne Freer | November 30, 2021

App Business

Full-screen video ads that are 37 seconds long in combination with video end cards are the top-performing ad creative to reach hyper-casual gamers, according to research by Liftoff and Vungle.

According to the analysis of 3.7 billion ad impressions and installs published today, long-form ads grabbed the attention of role-playing game audiences.

The ideal length of ads was 46 seconds while looping video end cards drove the best performance for end cards.

Meanwhile, social casino gamers prefer concise ads that are short and mirror the relatively quick cycle of games. The best duration here was 10 seconds with standard end cards being the best choice.

When it comes to strategy games, ads that are 20 to 40 seconds long perform best. However, the 33-second mark was the top-performing middle ground and App Store end cards that redirect players are among the favourites here.

Optimal durations for puzzle game apps are 22 second and the best end card was an App Store link.

“To thrive in the highly competitive mobile environment, app marketers have to understand how to build and run successful campaigns, and that all starts with effective ad creative,” said Si Crowhurst, VP of Creative Labs & Brand at Vungle. “Our in-house team, Vungle Creative Labs, diligently designs, tests, and iterates on mobile ad creative. We understand what mobile game marketers are up against when they’re optimizing creative, and we wanted to share hard data to help them boost their performance.”

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