2 weeks to go for APS NYC

Here are all the key figures you need to know about App Promotion Summit NYC 2022 (taking place in 2 weeks / 14 days / 336 hours / 20,160 minutes).

It features:

πŸš€ 4 different zones: the Main Conference, the App Store Optimization Zone, the User Acquisition Zone and the App Product & Engagement Zone

πŸ˜€ 200+ friendly in-person attendees from companies like American Express, DraftKings, Curio, The New York Times, Sandboxx, Meetup, Ralph Lauren, 1-800-Flowers, SiriusXM and WeWork

⭐ 35+ expert speakers from some of the world’s fastest growing apps including Babbel, Citizen, Spotify, Lose It!, News Corp, Public.com, Slice, Current, AccuWeather, Verizon, Rapchat, Hiatus, SmartNews, Audible, K Health, Tilting Point and Stash

πŸ”₯ 25+ talks, panels and workshops

😍 2 amazing days

We need to get back to work – there’s only 20,160 minutes left to make APS NYC absolutely amazing in every way.

If you want to invite anyone from the team or your network to attend now is the time to do that by sharing a link to the registration page directly or in the company Slack / Microsoft Teams channel πŸ‘‡


We look forward to seeing you there πŸ‘‹

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