10 Powerful Tips to Get the Most out of your Mobile Affiliate Manager and your Mobile Ad Network Rep

Peter Keung | August 9, 2013

Mobile Advertising

Morgan Coudray explains how to build great relationships with your affiliate manager (where you fetch your offers from) or your mobile ad network rep (where you purchase your traffic from). They play decisive roles in your success in mobile affiliation and you want them on your side. Morgan Coudray has been active in digital advertising since 2006 and has been focusing on mobile affiliate marketing for the past 2 years. He worked as both a media buyer and senior account manager for MobPartner from 2011 until mid-2013. He was very successful as a mobile affiliate on his free time which pushed him to do it full time. He now offers his consulting services in mobile affiliate marketing to companies and individuals.
The dream of any affiliate or media buyer is to have their AM (read: Affiliate Manager or Network Rep) proactively give them access to their warchest of select offers, discounted traffic, and detailed targeting.
As a former affiliate manager and having worked with dozens of mobile ad network reps, I’ve seen it all and I’ve done a lot of it. The mobile affiliates and mobile media buyers that get the most attention aren’t always the ones you would think. Believe me, money doesn’t do all the talking. To get on the good side of your account manager you generally want to show at least 2 out of the 3 following characteristics :

  • very positive rapport with your AM
  • a relatively large budget
  • know-how and potential for growth

The first one is arguably the most important one as the affiliate game is a lot more a people game than many might want to believe. Play your cards well and a whole new world will open up to you ! Since the second and third characteristics are something you are working on improving everyday, let me focus my recommendations on something that we can change overnight: creating a good rapport with AM or rep.
Before diving into the heart of the subject, many might ask how to get in touch with an affiliate manager or network rep. If one has not been assigned to you upon subscription, soon enough you’ll want to speak to one. You can use the “foot in the door theory”  by making a small yet very specific request at first; for example you can request “top performing Android CPI offers in Asia” to test the temperature before discussing your “million dollar per month” goals with you AM. The other way is to go the bold route and request to speak to an AM ” to discuss a potential partnership and mutual growth opportunities”. The latter will usually get you full attention but all eyes will be on you…

Here are 10 powerful tips that can help you get the most out of your affiliate manager or mobile ad network rep:


1. Get personal.

Get on the phone at least 3-4 times a year with your affiliate manager. Make sure those calls are planned ahead of time and your AM knows what you expect form these. If you are using video conference tools such as Skype, make use of the video. If you can attend events your AM will be present at: do it! Establishing strong relationships online take more time than in person so it is important that you make the best use of the tools available to strengthen that relationship quickly.

2. Don’t talk about money unless you have to.

AMs hate money-related problems so be certain that there is one before sending an email. Never ask them why you did not receive your payment the day you’re suppose to receive it. Give time for the money to arrive especially for international wires! Nonetheless, do pressure them if you have not received your money within 15 days. You can ask them for a dated payment confirmation which all banks can provide.

3. Take time to be cordial.

It doesn’t cost much yet it pays a lot. It might feel unnecessary or inefficient but do take an extra 10 seconds to write your emails. Make sure to use a “hello”, “hey” and “see you” or “thanks in advance”. Moreover do not to create a sense of urgency unless there really is one.

4. Share, share, share.

This kills two birds with one stone: it gives you credibility while helping AMs do their jobs better! If you scratch their backs – believe me – they will scratch yours. Share with them as much information as you are comfortable with. Sharing targeting that worked for you without revealing your cash-cow is one of the secret to building a strong relationship with your AM. If you really cannot do so, try at least bringing something to the table such as fresh industry news. The day that you become indispensable to him/her is the day a 1000 doors will open for you. At this point you’ll have a much easier time requesting top performing offers to your affiliate manager or top performing traffic sources to your network rep.

5. Communicate positive feedback.

Once in a while follow up with some good news. Account managers and affiliate managers usually spend their days dealing with problems so it won’t cost you much time & effort to make their days. It also sends the signal that you are successful which helps you position yourself as a ‘high potential affiliate.

6. Professionalize yourself.

If you work for a company it professionalizes your communication and it will improve your credibility. If you don’t, then create a company name for yourself, you’ll be the CEO! AMs like speaking with decision makers: act like one. If your creativity juices are low you can try naming it the following: {your favorite colour}{your favorite animal}mobile.com.

7. Negotiate better rates with your mobile ad network rep.

When you have established good rapport you can begin asking for discounted prices on the traffic you are purchasing. Mobile CPC networks and CPM network always have a percentage of unsold inventory also known as backfill inventory. When you feel the time is right, you can kindly ask for cheap backfill inventory or for discounts on some CPC prices. When doing so for the first time, put all the chances on your side by doing it during a phone meeting or in-person at a conference. Lastly, when negotiating, it always helps bringing forward a reason for the request. For exemple: “to scale my efforts in Latin America, I was wondering if you had discounted traffic for Android in any of those countries?”

8. Negotiate black-list with your network rep.

Similarly to the last point, when you are established as an active client for your mobile ad network, you want to begin reeking some of the benefits of it. When launching a campaign, you will likely want to filter out poorly performing traffic as quickly as possible. While some networks offer manual blacklist services such as Mobfox; the best is to have your rep regularly blacklist poorly performing sites for your campaigns based on your conversion data. That’s when you’ll want to have conversion tracking setup with them already. Networks such as Jumptap, Vserv and Buzzcity do offer such premium services to the large spenders and/or to their favorite mobile affiliates or media buyers!
The best argument that you want to bring forward in the initial negotiation is the fact that you have virtually no spending limits if you see improved profitability.

9. Be specific.

When asking your AM for information be specific even if it means making 5 different requests instead of 1 very broad one.  That will help you get exactly what you want by helping him/her get to that information quickly. One way to do so is to find out how much information your AM has access to. Can he obtain specific EPC (earning per click) statistics per country for X or Y offer? Can he do better and get specific monthly EPC stats per country for the past 3 months? Get as granular in your requests as you can.

10. Send a Postcard!

You probably weren’t expecting that one. Neither was I the first time I received a postcard from an affiliate.  He wasn’t a big spender but believe me, I spent a lot more time with him, teaching, sharing and helping than with many of the larger affiliate media buyers. This is something that many of us don’t do any more Sending a New Year’s card will make you stand from the hundreds.
Practice these recommendations and win the heart of your AMs. They have access to precious information which they cannot share with all for obvious reasons, so I hope this will help you get a step closer to your next cash-cow!

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