Now, more than ever, video advertising is revolutionizing the modern web, thanks to personal mobile devices and high-speed internet connections, in a way that didn’t seem possible 15 years ago. And it doesn’t seem likely to slow down.

According to recent studies, users of all ages check their phones, on average, 46 times a day. In addition, video advertising has become a key player for brand storytelling, and with the help of emerging technologies, mobile video has already changed our consumption habits and the way we interact online. This has given advertisers no other choice but to embrace mobile to the fullest in order to reach their desired audiences.

Over half of advertisers say that they are planning to increase mobile video ad spend in the next 12 months. According to eMarketer, in the US alone, the total ad spend in mobile video will rise from $16 billion in 2018 to $25 billion by 2022. The industry is experiencing significant growth, but there is no success without challenges.

According to a recent study, where marketing experts were asked to name the challenges they were facing regarding video advertising, 48% of specialists admitted that ad fraud was their main concern, followed by the difficulty of effectively measurimg their return of investment (ROI).

 In order to fight these concerns, companies like SunMedia are betting, among other solutions, on a model that is evolving towards Cost per Thousand Visible Impressions (VCPM), where brands only pay for the impressions they actually see. In addition, SunMedia is collaborating with third parties, such as IAS and MOAT, in order to support this viewability metrics.

Emerging Creative Formats

 In video advertising it is crucial that videos are seen and not only served. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a video ad is considered viewed if the user plays the video for more than 2 consecutive seconds and when, at least, 50% of the video is visible on the screen.

 Average viewability rates for web video ads in US hover around 55%, which means that almost half of video ads are not seen by users. Consequently, advertisers spend considerable amount of money on ads that are not benefiting their brands, making viewability a big concern.

 Always Visible Ads (AVA), a video format innovated by SunMedia, where the video is always visible on screen and follows the user in its web trajectory, is obtaining considerable viewability rates. More than 65% of the Spanish top 200 advertisers are already betting on this format and are obtaining astonishing results.

 On the other hand, brands should continue to grow in terms of creativity and content, in order to catch the user’s attention and improve their campaigns’ profitability. To increase brand recall, advertisers should adapt the message to the media while also using interactive formats. This has proved to increase the time the user spends with the piece by 47%.

 “Interactive formats, which improve brand engagement and user experience, together with formats with graphic reminders that reinforce the message, are the best combination to optimize investment” Fernando García, CEO of SunMedia, concludes.

 The format Reminder, created by SunMedia, confirms this, by enhancing viewability metrics up to an average of 87%.

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