For many years, project management teams often followed the traditional approach for strict planning, documentation, and process. Agile management actually turns this particular approach on its head, and it is no wonder that this specific methodology has become significantly popular with time. Most of the agile projects are quite successful than traditional projects. Now, project managers have noticed this, especially among the teams in different industries such as software development where objectives, targets and technology emerge at a rapid pace. There are numerous app development methodologies to choose from when it comes to hire app developer. For 2019, you can consider rapid application development. Let’s look at this in detail.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development or RAD is actually an agile project management strategy which is quite popular in the case of software development or application development.
The major advantage of this particular approach is the faster project turnaround that makes it a much more attractive choice for the app developers that work in a fast-paced environment like app development. This particular rapid pace is quite possible by a focus on minimizing the entire planning stage as well as maximizing the prototype development in RAD. By means of reducing the entire planning time as well as emphasizing the prototype iterations, it allows project managers to measure the entire process accurately as well as communicate in real time on different evolving issues as well as changes. This leads to greater efficiency, effective communication and faster development. This process can be easily divided into 4 main phases. Let’s have a look:

Planning of Requirements

It is equivalent to an entire project scoping meeting. Even though the planning phase is actually condensed in comparison to different other project management methods, it is a crucial step for the final success of the project. During this particular stage, the developers, team members and clients communicate in order to find the goals as well as expectations for the entire project along with current and potential challenges that need to be addressed during the build process. The iOS app developers can easily find the requirements of the project by following the process.

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It includes researching the entire current problem. It also involves defining the needs of the entire project and finalizing the requirements with every stakeholder’s approval. It is quite important that everyone has the equal opportunity to easily evaluate the goals as well as expectations for the entire project. By means of getting approval from every stakeholder as well as developer, the teams can easily avoid any type of miscommunication and different costly change orders during the build process.

User Design

After the scoping out of the project, it is time to get into development, building out the entire user design through the different prototype iterations. It is the basis of RAD methodology, and this is what sets it apart from different project management strategies. During this particular phase, the clients work with the developers in order to make sure that their requirements are met at every single step during the design process. It is similar to customizable software development where the users can easily test every prototype of the product at every stage in order to meet their own expectations. All of the bugs and issues are worked out through an iterative process.

The developer actually designs a complete prototype and then the clients test it, and after this, they come together to easily communicate on what has actually worked and what didn’t. This method provides the developers with an opportunity to change the model as they go to the stage where they get a satisfactory design. Both the clients and app developers learn from this entire experience in order to ensure that there aren’t any potential issues that slip through the cracks. An Android app development company has to pay special attention to the entire user design.

Swift Construction

This phase takes the different prototypes and various beta systems from the entire design phase and then converts them into a complete working model. Due to the majority of kinks and changes being addressed during the entirely thorough iterative design phase, the app developers can easily build a working model much more quickly than they could actually have by following any type of traditional management approach for projects.

It can be broken down into preparation for rapid construction as well as program and application development. Then it is followed by coding as well as a unit, integration along with system testing. The application development team of coders, testers and developers actually work together during this particular stage in order to ensure that everything works quite smoothly and the final result actually satisfies the expectations as well as objectives of the client. It is an important phase since the client still can provide input throughout the entire process. The client can suggest changes, alterations and even new ideas which can solve the different problems as they keep on coming. It allows a mobile app development company to deliver the desired working model of the project quickly.

The Cutover

It is actually an implementation phase where the entire finished product is set to be launched. It consists of data conversion, changeover and testing to the new system as well as user training. The final changes are duly made while the clients and coders keep on looking for bugs in the entire system.

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Advantages of RAD

RAS is among the most successful app development methodology at present with different benefits for both app development teams such as iOS app developers along with their clients. Some of its advantages are:

  • It allows you to break the entire project into much smaller and more manageable tasks.
  • The entire task-oriented structure duly allows the project managers to easily optimize the efficiency of the team by assigning different tasks as per the specialities and experience of the members.
  • Clients can work on the entire working product being delivered into a much shorter time frame.
  • The regular communication, as well as constant feedback among the team members, increase the overall efficiency of the design as well as build process.


With much shorter planning phase along with a focus on highly iterative design as well as construction, the rapid application development is able to accomplish way much more without actually compromising the client satisfaction. In the case of iOS app development, it can increase the efficiency of any iPhone app developer. Rapid application development is the best app development methodology that you should choose in 2019.

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