Sometimes it is hard to make the right business decision when it comes to monetizing the casino traffic. Once you have decided to become an affiliate, the road to highly productive monetization can become a hurdle. Even though the iGaming industry is rapidly growing every year, to take a small piece of that growth is not as easy as it sounds. 

Among the various options for making money on online casino players, one of the simplest and most convenient is to monetize traffic through niche affiliate networks and programs that either represent one or several advertisers on exclusive terms, thus giving partners an opportunity to work without intermediaries, or take many offers on resale and earn money from them as an intermediary.

We truly believe that there are many important aspects of how to choose the right partner, however, one of the most crucial aspect will be the flexibility of the affiliate system. 

According to our research, it is not enough to just create a SEO website and publish the reviews of the casinos. We have prepared a small list of the important characteristics of gambling affiliate network that can be checked by anyone at the stage of choosing the best affiliate network to partner with. 


We believe that It is definitely convenient to get exclusive and direct access to any offers that are coming right from the advertiser. Through them, you get access to the best offers on the market, so you do not need to share the profit with any intermediary. 

According to our recent research, not all the affiliation platforms are ready to offer such exclusivity on the mobile devices. Either there is a lack of a product App, or there is no direct access to the partner program through your mobile phone. 

If the brand that is represented by the affiliate network does not work well on mobile, there are seldom any exclusivity results.  That means that the affiliate has to be always present in front of the PC to collect any new exclusive information and promotional material. 

Therefore, we recommend looking for the 2 main features there:

  • The affiliate network should be compatible with all mobile devices including HTML and iOS.
  • The brands and products that are represented there have to be adjusted to the mobile devices.

The network’s offers should be also in demand among players, and therefore traffic to them is easy to monetize. In addition, we advise you to immediately pay attention to the characteristics of the casino, the level of support, the set of genres and the number of games presented, as well as look at which game providers these games are from.

When deciding on the advertisement of the brand, to choose a reliable one should always be a priority. The right affiliate partner platform will make your advertisement an easy process leading to fast monetization. 


We strongly believe that honest terms of any cooperation are the ground for any successful business. Only due to the fair terms, affiliate partners can get high profit. That is why we recommend choosing a reliable affiliate network from the very beginning.

For example, we at Chilli Partners Affiliate Network offer only licensed casino brands with a great reputation, so this network provides the basis for high monetization of the traffic. We accept the non-incentive traffic from all sources including social media. You can expect the regular pay-outs monthly or even weekly, the remuneration based on RevShare, CPA or Hybrid, all transparent statistics, and deep analytics tools. 

Source: Chilli Partners dashboard

Affiliates can receive pay-outs monthly via Wire Transfer via CoinsPaid, Skrill, Paysafe Neteller, or bank transfer. Sometimes, even weekly payments are available for verified partners. 

Thus, under trustworthiness we mean that if the conditions are fair, all parties will have a win-win situation.


Whatever you do as a partner to a casino brand, it should be profitable for you. For example, some affiliate networks will offer you the Revenue Share up to 50% in commission from the amount of loss of players referred by the partner. At the end of each month, the negative carryover is cancelled, and the partner can start the new month with the new balance. 

Additionally, it can be a very good help at the beginning of the monetization of the traffic to get some funds from the advertiser in advance in order to test the bundles. We at Chilli Partners, for example, are ready to invest in the traffic of the new affiliate partners in advance providing them with turnover. 


We believe that the structure, possibilities, and accessibility of the affiliation platform play the key role in the choosing the right affiliate network partner.

The admin system and its admin panel’s accessibility play a very important role in the monetizing process. In the right Affiliate Network, the admin panel offers a full overview of the marketing tools, payments, and all-important statistics. 

The right analysis of the statistics offers a detailed and precise overview of the successful and less successful traffic sources and campaigns. Through the statistics, it is possible to adjust the sources and profitability of the traffic. Our research shows that the right analysis of such data brings fast monetization of the traffic.

Ease of use also means easy access to the marketing tools and landing pages from any device. It is highly convenient when an advertiser or an affiliate network provides ready-made or customized apps and creatives. Affiliate Partner Network, in fact, should provide all these tools and they are always easily accessible from a PC and a mobile device. Ideally, there is no installation of additional applications required, you can focus on making money right away. 

We believe that all the considered principles, which should be followed when choosing an affiliate network, help both beginners and experienced affiliates to reach a high level of income. That’s why all these principles are applied in our network – Chilli Partners, a direct advertiser of DuxCasino, HeySpin and GetSlots. If you find these offers on the platforms of the network, you will be in good hands.