Android is one of the dominating operating systems of mobile in present day scenario with 90 per cent market share. Android is running successfully in a large number of Smartphone models as well as tablets along with many other devices. Seeing this everybody will think to develop a program for Android is very easy but in reality, is it so? No! Android developers face a lot of problem for developing even a simple application.

Let’s have a look at some of the problem faced by Android developers initially

  • Stroller IDEs – In the world of Android, there is an official IDE for developing apps-Eclipse which has a lot of problems and can make you mad in a matter of no seconds. The ADT plug-in was very buggy and not user-friendly for complicated projects.
  • Fragmenting OS – Gingerbread was occupying major per cent of the market share of Android OS versions. But when it was surpassed by version 4.0 that is Ice Cream Sandwich many new UI elements were received like the new screen, new APIs. This was a big hurdle for all android app development company as it affected the process of development and often resulted in lingering development time with increased crashes as well as bugs. 
  • Emulators – Every app needs to be tested on various Android OS versions as well as screen dimensions, therefore app developers utilize emulators. But testing on emulators was very slow and time-consuming. It was a big problem faced by the app developers in earlier times.

Like this, there were several problems faced by Android app developers previously but slowly and slowly all these problems were being overcome and changes were happening at a rapid rate. The Android app development is changing the world as it is undergoing vast improvements. Every developer started thinking with billions of users the app development process should be made easier and better. Two things that showed their full potentials are open access and open source principles where everybody is allowed to make a change.

Although it is almost impossible to discuss all the changes that made Android app development easier but still we can discuss some of the major changes.

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Android Studio

The most wanted IDE for the development of Android apps achieved stability with the introduction of version 1.0. It has huge benefits as compared to the Eclipse ADT plug-in which has been officially deprecated.


Gradle is one of the automation tools for a project that has replaced Apache Ant as one of the main building systems for Android applications. It has gained high popularity among all Android developers because it facilitates easy automation starting from dividing apps to various flavors to signing with the perfect arrangement, enhancing the build numbers. Because of all these facilities, it has become like an administrative tool with which we can easily define and easily maintain various settings. Because of Gradle, there is an increase in the number of test automation libraries as well as build servers, that has brought continuous integration process to Android OS. But it was criticized a little because of its speed of execution.


It is one of the best improvements in Android, according to Google. Although huge problems were faced by upgrading old devices to lollipop, in newer devices, everything is expected to get fixed. Lollipop has brought a lot of changes that has brought a huge change to various applications. It completely changed the UX principles.

Now let’s see how Android is slowly changing the world

In the present day scenario, Android is everywhere. Mobile application development companies develop amazing applications even for smartwatches, cars, television and many more things. As you are sitting at your home and having a cup of coffee – just look around your house. You will find a lot of things that are running on Android OS. Initially Android started as an experiment and by now it has proved that it can run on each and every item that has the capability of holding a small microprocessor.

In earlier times it was a little difficult for running Android OS in smart phones because of the quality of these phones as they were little uglier and lower also. It is because of the cheap devices produced by Chinese manufacturers. But with time the speed, as well as the quality of Android phones, enhanced. Nowadays people have a large number of new devices that suit everyone’s requirement and budget but with better quality. Increased quality of smart phones made it easier for Android app developers to develop apps easily.

Although Android app development has brought huge benefits to the whole world some other changes can still make it even better. What can be done to make Android app development even easier?

Replacement of programming language java – Although Java is one of the important and best programming language time has come to think out of the box. Developers should start thinking of languages that can replace Java as the main language for the development of Android. Like Apple that introduced a completely new language called Swift that posses a combination of various other languages like Python, C# etc. Every developer should start looking for new things, new ideas that could replace java.

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DB management– Another problem is database management AP. Android is still dependant on SQL commands that highly affects the process of development. When SQL errors arise debugging it is very difficult as it is time-consuming and contains no GUI to have a look at the database data. Therefore, app developers should start looking for other options.

Have a look at some of the new trends for Android users

New payment apps: Android is allowing users to make easy payment and mobile devices are now becoming one of the main source or platform for several digital transactions. Slowly physical wallets and credit cards will become out of fashion. Block chain technology has already set things to bring revolution. It acts as a record keeper of all transactions and gives assurance that every information is in safe hand. Android must take all this into account as it will shape the future of all transactions.

Applications that go beyond the screen: Android App Development Company is trying not to confine apps to the same spaces as before. Augmented reality apps, as well as virtuality reality apps, are now being developed in rapid rates. In coming year Android is going to meet the requirements of today’s new generation audience. 

Cloud storage: It is one of the newest trends for Android app developers that offer Android users a new level of storage facilities. But the developer should see that it is not taking much space.

In-app search capability demand: Apps have become an important part of every Android user. Therefore, it is important to offer all features that should be available under good circumstances. In simple words, an app should be able to function the same as any website.


As users are switching to browse more on mobile apps, therefore a requirement for in-app search capability is also increasing. Users are demanding for making search function easier. Thus, we can say that in the past few years Android has changed a lot and has evolved from being a simple OS to powering several other devices now. In the coming years, it will change even more. So, if you are thinking of developing an Android app, then hire app developer who is having knowledge of all the latest trends.

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