If you are in the app industry, there is no way around App Store Optimization (ASO) for you. Optimizing your app store product page will result in a constant stream of free organic users. Besides, it will leverage paid campaigns and help you to make the most out of every marketing dollar you spend. Thus ASO is the basement for your app’s success.

While there is a lot of useful content available online, it is shattered all across the internet. The newest book “App Store Optimization – A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Your App’s Organic Downloads” solves this problem. It brings you all the relevant content in one place. On 307 pages, you will find comprehensive guidelines covering the following topics:

Researching Relevant Keywords

Understand how the app stores’ algorithms work and how you can use it to push your app into the top ranks of the search results. Learn how to find keyword ideas, validate them and implement the most promising terms into your app’s product pages.

Writing Engaging App Descriptions

Get to know how to write app descriptions that are relevant for users, and explain your app understandingly. Read about best practices to prettify your description and implement links to your social media profiles.

Optimizing Terrific Screenshots and App Icons

Learn how to design screenshots and app icons that are informative and beautiful. Study the latest techniques to create great visuals to catch users’ eyes. All concepts are enriched with real examples from the App Store and the Google Play Store

Creating Stunning Preview Videos

Make app preview videos for your product page that transport a catching message. Understand how the different elements of a video can help you to draw viewers in and keep them engaged. Example videos that are available online will clarify the best practices on videos.

Localizing your Product Page for an International Audience

Learn how to adjust your texts and visuals to attract potential users from all around the world. Get to know the best practices to follow and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Using Colors the Right Way

Understand the psychological impact of colors on your audience and how you can use them to create branding effects.

Helpful Tools to Support Your ASO Work

Discover a vast collection of tools and resources that make every single aspect of your daily ASO work easier. Many of them are completely free.

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