In this case study, we explore the journey of a VeedX user who, by employing strategic campaign optimization techniques, managed to significantly boost their ROI. The user’s campaign focused on specific GEOs, including Germany, Belgium, Canada, and Spain, and utilized VeedX as the traffic source, MyLead as the affiliate network, and In-stream ad formats. By employing a well-thought-out strategy, this user achieved an impressive ROI of 54.24%.

Campaign Strategy:

Targeting Specific GEOs and IP Addresses

The user began by refining their campaign to specific Tier-1 countries: Germany, Belgium, Canada, and Spain. Instead of casting a wide net, they parsed their tracker data to identify the most converting IP addresses within these countries. This approach ensured a more efficient allocation of resources and focused efforts on high-potential audiences.

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Premium Traffic Sources

To further enhance the quality of their campaign, the user opted for premium traffic sources provided by VeedX. These sources are known for delivering high-quality traffic, which is crucial for achieving successful campaigns.

Whitelisting Converting Websites

The user carefully whitelisted websites that showed the highest conversion rates. This step involved identifying the sources that consistently delivered the best results, ensuring that their campaign would receive traffic from these top-performing websites.

Auto Price Adjustment

To maintain the desired traffic volume and win auctions, the user employed the auto price adjustment feature. This allowed them to dynamically adapt their bid to secure the traffic they needed, ensuring that their campaign remained competitive.

Bid Strategy Consultation

Working closely with their account manager, the user fine-tuned their bid strategy. The aim was to secure a substantial portion of the auction, winning 75% of the available impressions. This approach ensured a consistent flow of impressions, maximizing the campaign’s reach.

Diverse Creatives

The user created a set of 15 creatives featuring dating videos and compelling calls-to-action to encourage registrations on a dating website. This diversity allowed them to assess which creatives had the highest click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates, enabling them to prioritize those that performed best.

IP2 Location and Unique Users

To further refine their audience and optimize ad delivery, the user configured IP2 location types, including Fixed ISP, Mobile ISP, and Fixed/Mobile ISP. They also set up unique user restrictions, limiting the number of times an individual could view their ad to just two times per hour. This strategy not only conserved resources but also ensured a fresh and engaged audience.


The user implemented these optimization strategies during their campaign, which ran from October 10, 2023, to October 23, 2023. The campaign focused on the targeted GEOs of Germany, Belgium, Canada, and Spain and utilized In-stream ad formats.

Financial Overview

Costs: $1,180

Revenue: $2,578

ROI: 54.24%

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By adopting a data-driven approach and refining their campaign with precision, the VeedX user managed to achieve a remarkable ROI of 54.24%. Their strategic decisions, from specific GEO targeting to premium traffic sources, creative optimization, and audience restrictions, all played pivotal roles in this success. This case study serves as a testament to the power of optimization in the world of webcam advertising, showing that a well-planned strategy can yield impressive results.

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