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App Statistics Report In this special three-part report we take a look at the facts and figures to ascertain how much revenue has been generated by the app economy in the past five years and, also, the forecast for the next two... The Transformative Role of Technology in Healthcare Mobile has the potential to fundamentally alter the face of healthcare industry. This white paper from hedgehog lab covers the following: The Tech-ready Market Future Trends – The rise of health app development Wearables: beyond the novelty Big data... Mobile App Development for Business Mobile application is a crucial point in the business development path. Nevertheless, it takes too long for some to realize it. This infographic outlines key beneficial points any company should take advantage of: Time spent on apps by the... Uber for X: On-demand Services in 2016 Uber launched in 2009, and since has raised nearly $9 billion in funding. After 5 short years in business, the company had already grown six times its original size and penetrated international markets. It also introduced a new kind... Retail in a Post-PC world: A hedgehog lab report This white paper offers an in-depth review of the retail sector, looking at changing trends and strategies retail brands can adopt to survive and thrive amidst growing competition. The white paper covers the following: Changing trends in the retail... Designing an Apple TV experience for a challenger bank This document aims to look into the exciting and fast paced fintech market. With billions of pounds being pumped into this sector over the last couple of years all over the world, it really is one of the most... Pokémon Go Statistics Report This special report looks at the multiple facets of the Pokémon GO to date, examining the facts and figures behind the popular app. Uber Statistics Report Not everyone is happy about Uber's rise to dominance. How did it become so successful and controversial? Download our special two-part report on the facts and figures to see what makes Uber tick. Open Mobile Summit: State of the Industry It’s hard to keep up with the new ways that brands are engaging with their consumers and how they’re accessing information – and even harder to predict what the future holds. But help is at hand. Our friends at... The Ultimate App Store Optimization (ASO) Cheat Sheet by AppTweak App Store Optimization (ASO) or “Mobile SEO” is crucial to get your app known. Although it is not rocket science, ASO can be very challenging, especially when it comes to keywords research. Hopefully, various tools like AppTweak can help... Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Part 2 The Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Guide Part 2 focuses on Brazil being the world’ s 11th and Latin America’ s biggest game market. The white paper covers the following: Discover the key information about internet usage in Brazil Find out the... Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Part 1 The Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Guide Part 1 focuses on Brazil being the world’ s 11th and Latin America’ s biggest game market. The white paper covers the following: How Brazil, the biggest ad market in Latin America will reach 10.4... The Path to your App’s Success: Release, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat! The success of your app relies heavily on how you go about every step of the process, from release to optimization. The topics covered include: How to prepare prior to releasing your app How in-app analytics helps you gain insights... Why Mobile App Testing is Important to Your App’s Success The success of your app relies on thorough testing to reveal the friction points in the mobile user experience. In this ebook the following topics will be covered : Which testing elements should be included to create a comprehensive mobile... Key Metrics to Measure for Optimizing your App We bring you the key metrics we identify as necessary to monitor in the areas of Acquisition, Engagement and Outcome, that will empower you to maximize your app’s true potential. This ebook will discuss the following: Importance of using metrics... Mobile UX Design: Top Mistakes to Avoid Your Mobile UX design needs to STAND OUT in the app market. Here are the top 5 mistakes to stay away from in order to keep your users happy. In this ebook the following topics are covered: Mobile UX designs that... Using UX App Analytics To Refine Your App’s Onboarding Experience The mobile onboarding experience is critical to your app’s success. Learn how UX app analytics can optimize the onboarding experience and improve user retention. This ebook will cover the following : The right and wrong ways to onboard your app’s... App Crash Research: Is your App below or above the Appsee Benchmark? App crashes are one of the biggest culprits of app abandonment and poor reviews. Assess how your app’s performance compares to trends from Appsee’s extensive research on over 500 apps. The data in this report was aggregated from over... The Ultimate SDK Guide for App Optimization Software Development Kits (SDKs) are at the core of any successful mobile app. However, it can be a long process to research and review all of the options out there. This guide aims to make your life more simple.... The Performance Marketing Guide 2016 PerformanceIN’s Performance Marketing Guide 2016 offers a rundown and campaign-building tips for marketers working across a range of disciplines. The guide features over 100 pages of content and covers the following and more: Affiliate marketing Attribution Paid social Email and...

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