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Featured Monetization insights from top mobile publishers The AdColony Mobile Publishing Survey 2020 provides insights, benchmarks, and trends from the world’s top-grossing app developers. Featured How we Drove 1M installs through TikTok Influencers Become a TikTok Influencer CPI Master. TikTok is a short-form video content platform advertisers are flocking to! We’re driving over 1M installs through TikTok Influencers and counting… Featured Ad fraud in 2019 – global ad fraud statistics by FraudScore FraudScore independent antifraud solution shares comprehensive stats and data about online ads fraud in 2019. What were the most fraudulent geos? What types of ad fraud are on the rise? Trends and predictions for marketers. Featured How To Drive Installs on TikTok In this cheat sheet you will learn: How to use influencers + TikTok Ads to create “influencer retargeting” and achieve a CPC of 0.12. How to leverage music on TikTok to generate CPI’s 40% lower than Facebook & Instagram... Featured Ad fraud prevention Buyer’s Guide for ad networks Fraud prevention is not a tick box exercise, but a spectrum, with different solutions offering varying degrees of protection. But how do you find the most suitable and comprehensive solution for your business? Our Buyer’s Guide can help. How 3 app marketers get CPIs below $0.50 Fanbytes has created this eBook just for you, containing case studies from 3 successful app marketers. Every one of them gets CPIs below $0.50. In the eBook, you’ll see the exact creative they use, the platform they use, and...

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