SKAdNetwork Adoption and Usage Rates (2024)

David Curry

Updated: May 22, 2024

SKAdNetwork, a shortened version of StoreKit Ad Network, was launched by Apple in 2018 and marketed as a privacy-centric interface, which provides advertisers data on the aggregate level protecting individual user identity.

It took Apple a few years and a bit of strong-arming to make SKAdNetwork (SKAN for short) into the most used ad interface on iOS. In 2022, Apple banned IDFA tags, which led to Alphabet, Meta, Snap and other ad networks losing billions in value.

Unlike other ad frameworks, Apple only provides attribution data at the aggregate level and does not provide this in real-time. Instead, ad networks receive batches of postbacks – data on user behaviour – which can be sent up to a month after the initial click.

This delay is also marketed as a way for Apple to maintain the privacy of its users, while providing advertisers with meaningful data on ad impressions and clicks.

SKAN has become the lead attribution provider on iOS, with over 35 percent of all attribution going through this service. Apple Search Ads, which have similar privacy measures baked into them, are responsible for an additional 20 percent of attribution.

We have collected data and statistics on SKAN. Read on below to find out more.

SKAdNetwork Key Statistics

  • SKAdNetwork Version 4 had an adoption rate of 33% in Q1 2024
  • Reddit was the ad network with the highest Version 4 adoption, while Kraken and Snap were joint lowest
  • SKAN has over 40% market share in the attribution market on iOS, with Apple Search Ads second

SKAdNetwork Version Adoption

A majority of postbacks are still based on older versions of the SKAdNetwork, although Version 4 has increased its market share over 2023.

SKAdNetwork Version Adoption 2023 to 2024 (%)

SKAdNetwork Version Adoption by Network

Reddit is the ad network with the highest percentage of SKAdNetwork Version 4 adoption, while Kraken and Snap are tied for the lowest adoption rate.

SKAdNetwork Version Adoption by Network 2024 (%)

SKAdNetwork In-App Events

SKAdNetwork has a range of tags to indicate app events. In the first postback, a higher percentage of postbacks are login and view ads in comparison to the next two.

SKAdNetwork Version 4 In-App Events 2023 (%)

SKAdNetwork In-Game Events

First postback tends to be more focused ad impression, level completion and login, in comparison to the two follow up postbacks.

SKAdNetwork Version 4 In-Game Events 2023 (%)

SKAdNetwork Attribution Redistribution

SKAdNetwork and Apple Search Ads have been the real winners of in iOS attribution over the past three years.

SKAdNetwork Attribution Redistribution 2020 to 2023 (%)

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