App Data Report

David Curry

Updated: August 23, 2021

Are you looking for up to date revenue, user and benchmark data for the app industry? This report provides app insights, data and statistics on users, revenues, downloads and usage.

For a limited time we are making this research available as a PDF download for $99.

The report has been assembled by our in-house team of analysts at Business of Apps. We believe this is the most comprehensive report available on the app market.

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App Data Report

Table of contents

  • App Store Statistics
  • Google Play Statistics
  • App Download Statistics
  • App Revenues
  • Popular Apps

The App Data report is provided as downloadable PDF document with all data presented as charts and tables. So you can easily extract graphics and individual data.  It provides an overview of the company’s financials, as well as data on demographics and user breakdowns.

Quoted by Bloomber, Statista, Business Insider, TechCrunch, BBC, WIRED, The New York Times


What’s included? 

  • Document: PDF
  • Charts: 67
  • Data Points: 1144
  • Word Count: 5198
  • Pages: 78

Don’t waste time searching the internet for app data – get all the main analysis in this report in one package, sourced and analyzed from multiple validated sources.

App Revenue Statistics

List of Charts

  • Apple App Store Statistics
  • Most Popular Categories in App Store
  • Paid vs Free in App Store
  • Average Price in App Store
  • Google Play Statistics
  • Most Popular Categories on Google Play
  • Paid vs Free in Google Play Store
  • Average Price in Google Play Store
  • IAP Average Cost Pricing
  • Subscription App Pricing
  • App Download Statistics
  • App Downloads
  • iOS App Downloads
  • Google Play App Downloads
  • Game Downloads
  • iOS Game Downloads
  • Google Play Game Downloads
  • Non-Gaming App Downloads
  • iOS Non-Gaming App Downloads
  • Google Play Non-Gaming App Downloads
  • Downloads by Country
  • Hours Spent by Country
  • Growth in App Downloads by Country
  • App Revenue Statistics
  • App Revenues
  • iOS App Revenues
  • Google Play App Revenues
  • Game Revenues
  • iOS Game Revenues
  • Google Play Game Revenues
  • Non-Gaming App Revenues
  • iOS Non-Gaming App Revenues
  • Google Play Non-Gaming App Revenues
  • Subscription App Revenues
  • iOS Subscription App Revenues
  • Google Play Subscription App Revenues
  • In-App Purchase Revenues
  • Consumer App Spending by Country
  • App Revenues by Region
  • App Ad Campaign Spend by Region
  • Highest Grossing Apps (2020)
  • Highest Grossing Apps (2017 – 2019)
  • Highest Grossing Apps in the United States (2020)
  • Most Popular Apps
  • Most Downloaded Apps (2020)
  • Most Downloaded Apps (2016 – 2019)
  • Most Downloaded Apps in United States
  • Most Downloaded Apps in United States
  • Most Popular Apps in China
  • Most Downloaded Apps in the UK
  • Most Downloaded Apps in India
  • Most Downloaded Apps in Brazil
  • Most Downloaded Publishers
  • Most Downloaded Publishers (2016 – 2019)
  • Most Downloaded Games
  • Most Downloaded Social Apps
  • Most Downloaded Communication Apps
  • Most Downloaded Entertainment Apps
  • Most Downloaded Music & Audio
  • Most Downloaded Shopping Apps
  • Most Downloaded Food & Drink Apps
  • Most Downloaded Travel Apps
  • Most Downloaded Education Apps
  • Most Downloaded Dating Apps
  • Most Downloaded Health & Fitness

Most Popular Apps

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