Music App Report 2024

A comprehensive overview of the music app industry

David Curry

Updated: May 7, 2024

Executive Summary

Our Music App Report is the most comprehensive research of the industry available, with over 90 pages of detailed analysis on the industry. Within the report, you’ll find forecasts for market size, streaming revenues segmented by region, country-level market share, usage and download statistics, demographics, and benchmarking data.

How much revenue do music streaming apps make?

Music streaming apps made a total of $47.7 billion revenue in 2023, which accounted for about 80% of all recorded music revenues.

What music streaming app has the most market share?

In almost all countries Spotify is the market leader, although Apple Music and Amazon Music are significant competitors in the US and Germany, respectively.

How much has the music streaming industry grown over the past 10 years?

Music streaming revenue has increased by over 900% since 2014, led by Spotify and Apple Music.

What is the most popular music app?

In terms of total usage, YouTube is the most popular with about two billion users watching music videos. In terms of subscribers, Spotify has the highest subscriber count.

How much time does the average user spend listening to music?

The average time spent listening to music has increased over the past five years, reaching 21.8 hours per week in 2023.

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Table of contents

  • Music App Financials
  • Music App Usage
  • Music App Subscribers
  • Music App Downloads
  • Music App Market Share
  • Music App Demographics
  • Music App Benchmarks

The Music App Report – Research, Insights and Statistics is provided as downloadable PDF document with all data presented as charts and tables. So you can easily extract graphics and individual data.  It provides an overview of the sector’s financials, usage, downloads, market share, demographics, and benchmarks.

What’s included? 

  • Document: PDF
  • Charts: 85
  • Data Points: 1024
  • Pages: 92

The Music App Report – Research, Insights and Statistics has been assembled by our in-house team of analysts at Business of Apps. We believe this is the most comprehensive report available on the music app market. If you have any questions get in touch

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List of Charts

  • Music Streaming Revenues
  • Music Streaming Revenues Forecast
  • Music Streaming Revenues in US
  • Music Streaming Revenues by App
  • Music Streaming Revenues by Region
  • Spotify Revenues
  • YouTube Music Revenues
  • Apple Music Revenues
  • Amazon Music Revenues
  • Pandora Revenues
  • Deezer Revenues
  • Tidal Revenues
  • SoundCloud Revenues
  • Tencent Music Revenues
  • NetEase Music Revenues
  • Music Streaming Revenue by Format
  • Music Streaming Licensing Revenue Split
  • Podcast Revenue
  • Audiobook Revenue
  • Music Streaming App Users
  • YouTube Users
  • Spotify Users
  • SoundCloud Users
  • Pandora Users
  • Resso Users
  • Tencent Music Users
  • NetEase Music Users
  • Gaana Music Users
  • Music Streaming Average Daily Usage
  • Music Listening Average Time Spent
  • Podcast Users
  • Audiobook Usage
  • Music Streaming Subscriptions
  • Music Streaming Subscriptions Forecast
  • Music Streaming Subscribers by App
  • Spotify Subscribers
  • Apple Music Subscribers
  • Amazon Music Subscribers
  • YouTube Music Subscribers
  • Tencent Music Subscribers
  • NetEase Music Subscribers
  • Pandora Subscribers
  • Music Streaming App Downloads
  • Music Streaming Downloads by App 2022
  • Music Streaming Downloads by App in US 2022
  • Spotify Downloads
  • YouTube Music Downloads
  • Amazon Music Downloads
  • Apple Music Downloads
  • SoundCloud Downloads
  • Resso Downloads
  • Deezer Downloads
  • Pandora Downloads
  • Ganna Music Downloads
  • Tidal Downloads
  • Music Streaming App Market Share in US
  • Music Streaming App Market Share in UK
  • Music Streaming App Market Share in Germany
  • Music Streaming App Market Share in France
  • Podcasting App Market Share in US
  • Audiobook App Market Share
  • Music Streaming Age Demographics
  • Spotify Age Demographics
  • Apple Music Age Demographics
  • Amazon Music Age Demographics
  • YouTube Music Age Demographics
  • Music Streaming Engagement by Age
  • Music Streaming Engagement by Country
  • Podcast Engagement by Age
  • Music Spend by Age
  • Retention and Conversion Rates
  • Music Streaming Pay Per Stream
  • Music Listening vs Radio by Age
  • Engagement With Music by Format Type
  • Entertainment Usage by Activity
  • Podcast Revenues by Ad Placement
  • Podcast Revenues by Ad Type
  • Audiobook Engagement by Activity

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