App Pricing Benchmarks (2023)

David Curry

Updated: March 8, 2023

App pricing comes in all forms, from selling access to an app, to selling a subscription service to some users, to offering in-app purchases for items and other premium features. Understanding the correct way to price an app can be the difference between a successful product and hundreds of 1-star reviews calling the app a rip off.

The vast majority of revenue made on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store comes from subscriptions and in-app purchases, which is to be expected as "free" apps make up 95 percent of both app stores. Paid-apps, which require a user to pay upfront for access, make up less than five percent of the app store and contribute even less to total downloads.

Most apps that only offer premium services these days will still let users download the app for free, with the aim to convert them to paid users through a short free trial or other onboarding methods. Games are the last genre where paid-for apps are regularly seen, especially for ports of games from console or PC.

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