App Performance Rates (2024)

David Curry

Updated: March 25, 2024

App developers have an entire arsenal of marketing and engagement tools to draw in users and retain them, but if the app crashes or uses a large amount of available memory, chances are users won’t stick around very long.

In surveys conducted by Embrace, a high percentage of users consider an app crash, freeze, or even slow startup to be cause for deletion. Over the years, Google and Apple have optimized their mobile experience by reducing the amount of inactive memory used, and providing warnings for smartphone users close to maxing out their available memory.

While Google and Apple have best practices and rigorous review systems to ensure poorly built apps don’t reach the app store, there are dozens of iOS and thousands of different Android hardware iterations. Both app stores also house hundreds of thousands of apps, making it almost impossible to ensure a completely crash free experience for every user.

That said, the vast majority of sessions are crash free and the best developers regularly test the performance of features and run them through crash test services. Other measurables, such as application not responding rates and user termination rates, are also tracked.

We have collected data and statistics on app performance rates. Read on below to find out more.

Key App Performance Statistics

  • The percentage of crash-free sessions on iOS is 99.93% and 99.81% on Android
  • Navigation on Android has the highest crash percentage, of 0.78%
  • Android has an average low-memory warning rate of 12.94%, much higher than iOS’ 5.49%
  • The average user termination rate on iOS was 9.45%
  • The average Application-Not-Responding rate on Android was 0.63%

Crash Free Sessions

All app categories had a crash rate of below 1%, with hospitality apps on iOS having the lowest crash rate of 0.01%. Navigation apps on Android had the highest crash rate of 0.78%.

Percentage of crash free sessions by platform 2023 (%)

Percentage of crash free sessions by category 2023 (%)

Percentage of crash free sessions by app rating 2023 (%)

Low-Memory Warnings

Low-memory warnings happen when the RAM available for running apps is low. It happens more often on Android than iOS, at 12.94% to iOS’ 5.49%.

Percentage of low-memory warnings by platform 2023 (%)

Percentage of low-memory warnings by category 2023 (%)

User Termination Rates

User termination rates on iOS averaged at 9.45%, with games being the most regularly terminated at 12.24%.

Percentage of user termination rates on iOS 2023 (%)

ANR Rates

The Application-Not-Responding (ANR) rate on Android was 0.63%, with games by far the most likely to have an ANR at 1.97%.

Application-Not-Responding Rate on Android 2023 (%)

Performance Issues

Some of the main app performance issues users experience include slow startup, crashes and app freezes.

App performance issues experienced once per week (%)

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