App Demographics Data (2024)

David Curry

Updated: January 10, 2024

Over five billion people in the world use mobile apps everyday, for all sorts of tasks from the most trivial of games and social interactions to banking, learning a new language, and receiving medical advice.

The proliferation of the app industry over the past decade has led to millions of apps available on the two most popular stores, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

While apps draw in all types of users, certain categories tend to entice users of certain age, gender, and income demographics. Alongside this, we see divergence by country and platform, with the average daily usage in some countries rising above five hours a day, while in others it is closer to three hours.

In developing nations which have different patterns of internet deployment, with some skipping the personal computer generation and stepping straight into mobile, there are noticeable differences in the time spent on mobile and the interactions.

In other countries, we see the opposite effect, where people are trying to reduce the amount of time spent on apps. In the United States and Europe, app developers and store operators have created wellbeing services, aimed at alerting users of excessive use.

All of this data is important for people involved in the app industry, as it provides a clearer understanding of the potential audience for app developers planning to launch an app or app marketers creating an ad campaign. It also lets us see how each generation makes it mark with new demands and interests.

We have collected data on app demographics. Read on below to find out more.

Key App Demographics Statistics

  • On iOS, the stickers category had the youngest average age demographics. Navigation and Weather apps had the oldest age demographics
  • On Google Play, comics had the youngest average age demographics, while News & Magazines had the oldest
  • Sport apps had the highest percentage of male users by category at 94% male, while Health & Fitness had the highest percentage of women at 63%
  • By country, Indonesians on average spent the most time on apps, at 5.7 hours per day
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