Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

The app industry offers huge opportunities. However, to make the most of it requires new techniques for marketing, monetizing and creating products that work within the app context. Whilst a handful of companies in a small number of sectors have mastered these techniques, across many industries the majority have barely scratched the surface when it comes to learning and mastering the skills needed to thrive in the app economy.

App business insights

The Business of Apps is all about providing the necessary resources to learn specialist app specific skills, like App Store Optimisation or User Acquisition, and learn how to use them effectively. Deploying our extensive knowledge of mobile apps in engaging formats we aim to offer high quality insights in a number of fields that will support your business aims and provide long lasting value to you and your organization. We will be offering information in the following areas:

  • User acquisition/ (ASO, Media Buying, App Marketing)
  • Monetization (in-app purchase, mobile ad yield management)
  • Product management (app development, screen flows, UX, analytics, A/B testing)
  • Market data (app charts, ecosystems, revenues, forecasts)

Expert app industry practitioners

By using the best teachers from our own network as well as from leading industry players, we will deliver high quality information and training in key commercial app disciplines in an engaging manner.  We will provide quality multi-media courses in a digestible format, avoiding dull white papers in favour of actionable content.

Helping you succeed in the business of apps

Business of Apps aims to help marketers, product managers, sales, business development professionals, indie developers and app startup founders to:

  • Learn the best practices, techniques and approaches for app success and to put them into action
  • Find and understand data about the app market
  • Network with other people in the app industry
  • Develop the skills that will help to provide value in the app economy

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