Lucia Aguilar is the founder of TATAM Digital. They run always-on influencer marketing programs for subscription apps with a focus on performance and transparency.

They’ve grown quickly since they started in late 2018. As of 2021, they now have 20 ongoing campaigns. Their team of 39 people is truly global, based in Madrid, Berlin, Brazil, and Argentina!

In your own words, what’s your role in the app business right now?

I am helping mission-driven subscription apps supercharge their growth with influencer marketing. TATAM is giving app growth teams the hard numbers they need to confidently invest in influencer as a channel, and the 360-degree tactics and strategies that integrate influencer with every other performance channel.

I am also really passionate about changing how agencies work. Our fee structure is clear and transparent and results-driven. We work in partnership with clients—not as a supplier.

How did you end up working in apps?

My background is in marketing. I worked for Unilever and Amex before transitioning to my role as Global Growth Lead at Clue, where I grew the app from 1M MAU to 10M MAU in only 3 years.

What are you most excited about in apps right now?

I am excited about the growing role of influencer marketing for apps. We have more and more data to prove the organic uplift of conversions from influencer campaigns. Influencer has a huge impact beyond what is officially tracked

What other companies in the app space do you rate/ inspire you and why?

Blinkist, one of our clients, is doing an amazing job at owning the “explainer” space. They provide short summaries of nonfiction books. I’m obsessed with always learning and they’ve provided a unique product for people like me.

What do you like most about working in apps?

The fast pace—I love working fast—and the need to constantly iterate and improve. It’s a fun challenge every day.

And the people! From founders to performance teams, I’ve worked with such smart people who bring innovative new ideas. They are truly visionary and I’m inspired by helping them grow.

What one thing would you change about the app industry?

Agencies should operate with more transparency. Often, brands have no idea where their agency fees are going—how much goes to the influencer? How much to the agency, and for what? Our transparent fee structure and data driven-approach at TATAM is something our clients really appreciate.

Where do you think there’s an opportunity for apps or unmet needs?

More apps can leverage influencers as a performance channel. Many apps use influencers for special campaigns or building brand awareness. There are so many opportunities with influencers to grow your UA—you just need to have the right approach, the right tracking methodology, and the right partners.

If you weren’t working in apps what would you be doing?

In addition to running TATAM, I’m also an influencer myself.

I talk about personal finance and investing for normal people. I help my audience get their finances in order so they can live a better life. You can check it out here:

If I weren’t working in apps, I’d be fully dedicated to my channel. It’s already impacting many lives, which I am proud of!

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I’m a mom of 2 smart and rambunctious kids. I speak 4 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, and English. And I love to travel the world.

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