A Day in Affiliate Marketer Life: Kimia Style

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Partner Post - Kimia Premium Online Advertising

Posted: September 28, 2017

8am – Good Morning

Log into stats to see how the night went

  • Easy access to exact, real-time, stats, with a personalized dashboard where I can optimize and report by traffic sources, device, format, hour, and more.
  • Cha-ching! Numbers are up on the smartlink traffic, as a new product has entered the mix with even higher EPCs. Note to self: keep an eye on this specific offer for the next 24 hours and if things continue, I can launch a direct campaign for that offer.

10AM – Morning Brew

Receive daily trends and top segments
Account Manager hits me up with top worldwide offers in multiple verticals including country, vertical and epc info.
Hot offers in Iran for the last 3 days in a row… gotta get on that while the traffic is still cheap!

11am – Reinvestment time: Campaign set-up

Access Kimia Market – set up direct product campaigns

  • Get immediate list of top/best performing and exclusive offers
  • Search available offers by model and/or vertical and analyze information regarding EPC, payout, traffic restrictions and more.
  • Consult with my Account Manager for specific trend info on selected products or general advice on vertical performance

Set up a smartlink to be sure I’m not missing out on any unknown gems I may not have had my eye on…

  • Select a Kimia optimized smartlink that is updated via algorithm with the highest earning products
  • Decide, hey, I have some spare time, I’ll make my  own template including some of the products that are working particularly well with my current traffic.

1pm – Lunch time! 

Received an email alert for paused offer
But… no stress, PC remains closed coz my traffic will be sent to the next best performing offer, so it won’t be a total wash.

2pm – Check-in Time 

Talk to my Account Manager about what else may be hot in order to quickly get the campaign up
Connect via API to download information about offers, including creatives, and direct campaign URLs.

3pm – Stats & Optimization

Access my personalized Dashboard to get info quickly
Check into the stats for a more in-depth look and realize that one of my traffic sources is doing 30% higher performance than the rest. Talk to my Account Manager about getting a payout bump for that source.

5pm – Good News!

Payout bump approved! Woohoo!
Set up the new campaign for the traffic source with the new payout.

6pm – Hit the gym before Happy Hour!