Learn why in-app notifications are superior to SMS [live event]

There is just no other way around it – people are tired of SMS marketing messages. Recent studies show that up to 65% of customers have reached the point of “No more, please!” to hit the Unsubscribe button for a business text. There is a great alternative to fit the bill and it’s called in-app notifications.

Unlike push notifications, in-app notifications are delivered within the app and therefore don’t compete for the app user’s attention with other notifications. By definition, these messages are 100% opted-in, never get lost in the midst of other apps’ messages and are capable to deliver conversion rates on par with WhatsApp.

On April 27th join the live event with Adena Demonte, Product Marketing Manager at Sendbird. During the event, you will learn about how in-app notifications are instrumental for brands across the customer lifecycle to drive activation, revenue, retention, and referrals.

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